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PvP Tournament: Secret Santa!

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Brought to you by the PvPWaP / Community committee comes the....


Holiday themed PvP Event: SECRET SANTA !!


We will be hosting a 3v3 to 4v4 event that will be completely RANDOMIZED.


When: Saturday, December 5th at 6pm EST


The way it works: you will register yourself (just your global handle) by November 27th . On the following day, November 28th at 6pm EST, we will have a live randomization of team pairings that will be hosted in discord where everyone can see in real time their randomizations and whom they will, ultimately, be partnered with. You will then have 1 week to finalize your composition and get any practice in before the event. This event is designed to help network people all across the community, hence why there will be prizes awarded on MULTIPLE categories and not simply through winning your matches. Prizes will amount to a cumulative 8 BILLION influence! Examples of prizes up for grabs: best holiday themed costume, raffles, most matches won, most kills acquired, least amount of deaths, and more! This event will ENSURE that everyone registered will have a team and an opportunity to play regardless of skill level/experience! The event is geared to be a 3v3 tournament but with adequate registrants and majority rule the event can be increased to 4v4. 



- ATs may not be duplicated, in other words any given team can only have 1 of any given AT.. no 3 blaster teams, etc. 

- Powersets may not be duplicated whatsoever. Example: a team cannot have an Ice Blast Blaster and an Ice Blast Defender: the powersets will need to be different

- Only 1 poison is allowed per team 


- Electrified Net Arrow

- Stalker ZAPP

- Any variation of taunt (presence, confront, taunt, Gauntlet, Fury, etc) - This means both Brutes and Tankers are banned


Award breakdown:

Most Wins: Awarded to the team with the most matches won

1st place: 1 billion influence

2nd place: 500 million influence

3rd place: 250 million influence


Most Kills: Awarded to the team with the most kills accrued over all of their matches

1st place: 1 billion influence

2nd place: 500 million influence

3rd place: 250 million influence


Least Deaths: Awarded to the team with the LEAST deaths forfeited over all of their matches

1st place: 1 billion influence

2nd place: 500 million influence

3rd place: 250 million influence



Best holiday themed costume!

1st place: 2 sets of PURPLE ios

2nd place: 1 set of PURPLE ios

3rd place: 1 set of PvP ios


amongst many raffles and more categories to come. It is not uncommon for @Hot to also add to the prize pool / add more winning categories as the event nears, so stay tuned! 


We would like to take the time to thank Hot Heals for his generosity in personally funding this entire event! Volunteers to add to the prize pool are always welcome 🙂


Monitor this thread for any additional information to come.


Message @Hot @Sarrona @RealPoned in game with any questions or reach out to us on discord on the Community discords or PvPWaP discord!


Community Discord: https://discord.gg/CfuaTHE

PvPWaP Discord: https://discord.gg/nk9cJJPxBn






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@America's Angel@Angelbot are my two accounts.

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Top 10 Melee Players in CoH | The Fightclub Discord 
What is Fightclub?  Fightclub is PVP between two melee players fighting to the death in melee range with no moving/retreating allowed. It's like pylon testing...but the pylon hits back! Perfect for players who enjoy min/maxing DPS chains. Click the discord link above for more info.

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Hey all,


The PvPwaP community would like to take this time to wish you & your families a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving! 🦃 


if you haven’t already done so, please keep in mind you have less than one day left to sign up for our #Secret Santa event.


sending love & looking forward to seeing you all, Saturday, December 5th.



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