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Future Volunteer Recruitment: Game Development

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Your Discord tag: cheat117#1466

Applicable skills (see below): Java, C# (junior quality), DevOps Manager IRL - Qualifies me to learn quickly and from experience.

Availability & time zone: Weekends/Weeknights Pacific

Languages and libraries you have experience with: SQL, AWS, Python, Flask, Unity, Javascript, tell me what to learn, I'll learn it.

What you would be interested in working on: Literally anything and everything, small bugs, large bugs, troubleshooting things, testing things, I want in.


I know my qualifications seem small here, but I work with over 100 individuals across mulitple timezones and push myself to provide documentation, re-testable cases for troubleshooting and lead my team of 5 to help keep a multi-billion dollar operation moving and clicking. I want more of a challenge and I want to help revive a game I spent so much time with as a kid. Happy to chat and work with an experienced team who wants to make sure the product they distribute is excellent quality and as close to perfect as you can get (good enough works unless there's a show-stopper)

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Hi! I just graduated from Becker College with a BA in Game Programming specializing in AI design and implementation as well as UI implementation.


I also am publishing a TRPG by the end of the year and have a lot of experience in systems design, management using SCRUM as well as world development and creation





Applicable skills (see below)

C#, C++, Java, Python, AI design and implementation, UI implementation, managing teams, world dev


Availability & time zone

Moderate availability (5 to 15 hours a week), EST, Evenings most of the time


Tools and software that you are familiar with

Visual Studios, Blender, Paint.net, Unity, Unreal Engine


What you would be interested in working on

Almost anything on the front end side, not a strong backend/fullstack programmer. Specifically more interested in UI and AI

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Discord tag: TalKaline#9190

Applicable Skills: C98, C++, Game development, Git, various scripting languages, Linux server administration

Availability and Time Zone: Weeknights Mountain Standard Time

Tools and Software: Git, Eclipse, SQL, Postgres, several other database implementations

What I'd be interested in working on: I'd be willing to work wherever the coders need me, but I'm *very* interested in touching up the mission code so we can create new arcs, and would especially like a chance to improve Architect Entertainment. This game needs more

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Discord Tag Scendera#6425


Applicable skills: tech support, formal training from Apple, informal experience pc side for years.


Availability and TZ: I work typically second shift Weds-Sun, CDT. I can be around before, after, and on breaks.


What I'd be interested in working on: I am in a position to potentially be able to give both user support for Mac clients and to be able to use my resources to confirm or deny bugs for the community at large. I've talked in depth more with a GM about specifics.

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  • Your Discord tag: Cheshire#1092
  • Applicable skills (see below)
    • Game engine design experience: limited (personal projects only)
    • Database experience: extensive
    • DevOps/Fullstack: extensive
    • SecOps: extensive
  • Central US Time Zone; Availability is broad, but usually outside 9-5 business hours.
  • Languages and libraries you have experience with
    • Coding: Java, C++, C#, Objective C, Python, PHP
    • Scripting: Python, Bash, Powershell
  • What you would be interested in working on
    • Happy to help out with light lifting on coding, but primary expertise lies in devops--Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring & Visibility, Code review & troubleshooting, Security Operations & Auditing, scaling & cost optimization, etc.  

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Discord Tag



Availability/Time Zone

EST, a few hours a week (between kids and classes and work!)


Languages and Libraries:

I am currently a senior year undergrad in CISE at the University of Florida. I know some C++, Java, a little assembly, and I am currently re-learning C. Any opportunity to work on this would give me something new to learn, and I would be grateful for that!


Work Interests:

Basically, send me where you need me, I will find it interesting! However, if there is the potential to add a shark and vomit powerset, I really would like to make that! Or anything to improve on graphics. I see this as a learning opportunity on something I am truly passionate about.


Applicable Skills:

I am also a skilled writer. I have written and published work on various topics from literary analysis to my own poetry. I can work with GIMP, Blender, and Inkscape. I know physics, as it was my original career intention, and I have done ALL the math courses.



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Hello all! 

Discord name: zchaco#9557
Applicable Skills:  I went to university for Computer Science Game Development. Core languages include C++ and front end, mostly HTML5 and Javascript. Experience using Git and working with remote developers. Mostly interested in level design, characters, and possibly QA. My professional experience is in Production and managing asset pipelines, which I can help out with if you find that managing all of the tasks and remote developers becomes cumbersome. Would love to help in any way that I can! 

Availability & Time Zone: PDT - available most mornings from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, then evenings from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Monday - Friday

Interested in working on: Production, QA, Level Design, Character Design, and happy to pick up any bug defect tickets 



Edited by zchaco

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Discord tag: Arcaten#3868


Applicable Skills: 
- Decent background in C, but limited C++
- Strong background working in distributed systems
- 7 years using MSSQL, MySQL, git

I'm not a game dev by trade, but I have a decent background in C and 7 years working in distributed systems and web development. That said, I've always wanted to get into game dev and never got a chance. I have demonstrated a knack for being able to dive into large legacy codebases and get ramped up and productive very quickly.


Availability & Time Zone: EDT - available early mornings (7-9am) and evenings most days (8pm-12am, excluding Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), can make myself available for almost any time during the weekends.

Interested in working on: Literally any aspect of development. Always wanted to get into game dev and CoX has been part of my life since middle school, so this would be an incredible opportunity.  I understand that there is no need for additional volunteers at the moment but I would love to get read-only access to the repository/repositories to be able to familiarize myself and possibly be able to pitch in if/when there's a need.

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