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Sound Barrier absorb is much lower than expected

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When you slot healing/absorb io's in sound barrier in the new blaster secondary, it barely changes the absorb values, only going from around 25 absorb unenhanced to around 50 absorb with enhancements at maximum stacks at level 50.


Compare this to wild fortress from plant manipulation where after enhancements you are 100+ unenhanced, and getting 200+ absorb enhanced at level 50.


I notice that the info on wild fortress has a line about absorb that is absent from the info of sound barrier too:






on another far more minor note, it appears that the "bright sonic attack" costume setting for sound barrier is being mislabelled as "show floaters":





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Sound Barrier is doing 1/4th the Absorb is should be doing @Captain Powerhouse. It should be scale 0.15 since it has a 2s interval. Instead it is set to 0.0375, which is what would be used by a 0.5s interval. Both Show Floaters and !Show Floaters effects need updating.

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