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Peacebringer doppelganger form animation troubles


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Took my Peacebringer along for Field Agent Keith Nance's arc.  When fighting the double Peacebringer, they seem to swap into White Dwarf form around 50% health, but visually they don't do that.  The double uses Dwarf attacks but does not take the form of a Dwarf, resulting in some strange animations.  Most of the Human-Dwarf attacks resulting in the double moonwalking in different directions and movement consisted of a menacing hover.  These are temporary though, at some point the double swaps back to human attacks and uses normal animations again.


I assume the doppelganger Peacebringer would essentially use the same attacks and animations as a PPD Quantum but when fighting those guys they swap forms correctly, so no idea what was happening here.  Maybe something to do with using the female body?  PPD are all male so maybe female (and possibly huge) got overlooked for Kheldian doppelgangers?


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