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Future Volunteer Recruitment: Art


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Your Discord tag: DrBoston

Applicable skills: create 2D art and graphics, create & modify textured 3D assets, technical art stuff, new 3D assets

Availability & time zone: M-F 6PM to 10 PM, Sa-Su 8AM to 10PM US/Eastern. Let’s say up to 15h/week

Tools and software that you are familiar with: Photoshop, GIMP, Blender, netfabb, Unreal, some 3DS Max

What you would be interested in working on: costume parts, body types, textures. 

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  • Your Discord tag: Kaz Foxsen
  • Availability & time zone: EST, availability is pretty flexible
  • Tools and software that you are familiar with: Photoshop, Krita, Illustrator, Inkscape, Blender
  • What you would be interested in working on: concepts and illustrations for creatures/characters, costume parts, textures, simple 3D assets.
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I've been on board with CoH since 2004 and would like to contribute 

Discord tag: @Douglas Reynold

Applicable skills: I´ve produced 3D content for DAZ Studio for a few years now and am familiar with character and environment design as well as modelling, sculpting, texturing and baking. I´m self employed and have all tools listed below available to me and properly licensed

Availability & time zone: 2 day per week and a couple of evenings/weekends. UTC+1


  • ZBrush
  • Maya
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • Photoshop

What you would be interested in working on:

I´d like to work on costume pieces and environments/props


Are able to create 2D art and graphics:


For concepts yes, but not professional grade


Are able to create and modify textured 3D assets:




Are able to create and modify 3D animations:



Are familiar with 3DS Studio 2011:


No, I use Maya, have used Modo and 3DS Max 2018


Are able to create and modify Visual Effects (VFX):




Are happy to use Discord to communicate with the rest of the team:


I´m not biased to communication tools. I use discord to communicate with other artists in my work already.


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Discord: Violet#1111


A student still in University, wrapping up my final year. While I have not been involved in any major gigs or barely had time to add proper professional works to my portfolio, I am hoping that I can get my first gig here and make a name for myself, get some proper experience.


Primary Role: 3D Character Artist / Digital Sculptor (Textures included)

Secondary Roles: 3D Weapons & Props Artist

Extra Talents: 2D Artist, open minded and not afraid to receive or give criticism on ideas. I am a very bold thinker, approaching a project or a task with a strategy keyed to the goal of maximum efficiency in mind.


Narrative & content are both personal qualities that I developed over several years. I think the most important thing about becoming a game's developer (and especially an artist) in any regard is that they must have the vision and the ability to see their creation through a gamer's perspective as well as a developer's perspective. Finally, leadership capabilities, having lead a few emulator projects in the past, I am not shy to take initiative and would gladly lead an art direction if asked or considered for the role.



Applicable Skills + Tools & Software


  • Over ten years self-taught in Adobe Photoshop working digital painting, drawing, and graphics.
    • Can produce Concept Art but would prefer not to.
    • Am not a heavy major in 2D, I spent the majority of the last few years refining and learning my 3D skills and have found a deeper passion for it since.
  • Nearly four years of experience in Pixologic ZBrush, from 4R7 to ZBrush 2019 today.
    • Have been learning many tips and tricks consistently throughout the last few years, speaking to industry professionals and always looking for feedback on my work.
  • Four years of experience in AutoDesk 3D Studio Max 2016>2019 today. Recently started picking up Maya 2019 and am quickly adapting to the UI + workflows.
    • I should have learned Maya much sooner for majoring characters, but this was the product of poor advice and teaching from my University lecturers.
  • Experience at 3D texturing models within Allegorithmic's Substance Painter and also Photoshop.
  • Minor experience in Substance Designer, creating new materials and shaders.
  • Experience rendering several models and works in Marmoset Toolbag 3.
  • An understanding of several workflows and technical approaches to a variety of productions. Characters, props, environments, modularity and good design, from the concept to the engine.
    • Concept > Pre-Production > Modelling > Whitebox > Final Modelling > Greybox > Rigging > Final 3D Polish > UV's & Textures > Final Renders and Polishing > Release
  • A gradually improving but very amateur understanding of Unreal Engine 4 (4.23 currently), constantly looking to improve my knowledge of the engine. My capabilities within UE4 are:
    • Creating and applying 3D materials loaded with texture maps onto assets.
    • Adding and optimising light to a scene.
    • Building an environmental scene using assets created or provided.
    • A very minor knowledge of Blueprint Visual Coding, having pitched my own character modularity system for a project in 2018.
      • A good understanding of how modularity within characters and environments work and the importance of it in games, particularly RPG's and MMO's or heavy customizable features.
      • I have developed a modular character workflow as part of my study in this field recently.

Concluding this section, I know that I am just a student and have no active professional experience or credibility for my portfolio, however those who know me would say that I learn very quickly and efficiently from my mistakes, that I approach every problem with an open mind and a strategy. I am committed, dedicated, serious, there to get the job done, and I am able to see the bigger logical picture of things, production especially.



Availability & Time Zone


As it stands I am currently finishing my final year of University and so that demands a few days out of my working week. I am able to commit a few hours of the 5-day working week to City of Heroes and any spare time I manage to find if possible. I live in the United Kingdom.



What you would be interested in working on?


  • 3D Characters & Weapons (Primary)
  • 3D Props and Environments (Secondary)
  • Ideas and Design discussions - I have a very keen eye for balance and good design, able to see the work from both a player and developer's perspective.




We're currently building a more technical and detailed list, but we're currently looking at people who:


  • Are able to create 2D art and graphics --- YES
  • Are able to create and modify textured 3D assets --- YES
  • Are able to create and modify 3D animations --- YES, I can rig as well, though I am not an animator.
  • Are familiar with 3DS Studio 2011 --- YES, 3ds Max 2019
  • Are able to create and modify Visual Effects (VFX) --- NO
  • Are happy to use Discord to communicate with the rest of the team --- YES



Final Notes


  • I own a personal license to Pixologic ZBrush.
  • I own a personal license for Marmoset Toolbag 3
  • I have an active subscription to Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
  • I only have access to a student version of AutoDesk's Max and Maya 2019.
    • I will be unable to purchase a legal license since their prices are criminal.
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Discord tag: Echo#6831

Availability & time zone: GMT+0, generally most available in the evenings or on weekends.

Tools and software that you are familiar with: 3DSMax 2016-2020, Zbrush, Marmoset Renderer, Photoshop

What you would be interested in working on: Primarily in animations & rigging, but also general 3D assets.


Applicable skills:

  • I'm in the final year of a Computer Games Design course at university, specialising in character animation & rigging.
  • Competent in 3D modelling & sculpting.
  • I also have some experience with texturing and VFX, but only to basic levels.
  • Perfectly happy to use Discord for all communications.
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On 5/27/2019 at 12:21 AM, Cipher said:

We're opening this thread to allow people who have experience with both 2D and 3D art, modeling, and animation to have a place to offer their help / volunteer in the future. Please note that we're not currently bringing anyone in; this thread acts is a place of reference for when we do 🙂


Please do not include personal information in this thread!


When replying to this thread, please include the following information:


  • Your Discord tag
  • Applicable skills (see below)
  • Availability & time zone
  • Tools and software that you are familiar with
  • What you would be interested in working on



We're currently building a more technical and detailed list, but we're currently looking at people who:


  • Are able to create 2D art and graphics
  • Are able to create and modify textured 3D assets
  • Are able to create and modify 3D animations
  • Are familiar with 3DS Studio 2011
  • Are able to create and modify Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Are happy to use Discord to communicate with the rest of the team


Applicable skills:

Able to create 2D art and graphics
Able to create and modify textured 3D graphics (even reskinning (reapplying lost UV face layouts))
Am able to create and modify 3D animations
Am able to create an modify Visual effects(real-time raytraced shadows, footsteps in sand, ripples in water all that good stuff)

Discord is fine.

for time zone UTC (Dublin Edinburgh london) (current):
    Availability = mornings before 10 and evenings and nights
for time zone UTC (-5) Eastern (will notify if I go back):
    Availability = Afternoon, evening and night.

for time zone UTC (+8) China (will notify if I go back, maybe february 2020 for a short trip):

    Availability = Morning and Night.

Tools and software;

GIMP, Flash CS4
Blender 3D (any version)

Can adapt quickly to any modeling software, no experience with 3DS or MAX  can find a way to export to it.

Tux Guitar - midi style music

sound recorder - for voice, SFX recording

Voxal voice modifier - for voices I can't do naturally.



Would be interested in:

creating monsters, scenery elements, icons, textures, simplifying poly counts, rigging(technical animation), and even upgrading graphics for increasing qualities supported by newer graphics cards and processors. making costume parts, weapons, and visual effects by request.

Learning new code and software.

Taking over the world

Bringing statesman back to life.
maybe being paid?


need me to do more, just ask. maybe I can do it afterall?

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I'm an amateur still my only experience being modding games like the Sims, Final Fantasy 14, and now City of Heroes.
So I'm good with modifying textured 3d assets and toying with VFX!

Right now I'm in college but my free days are mondays, wednesdays, then thursday-sunday CST!

I'm comfortable using Photoshop CC5 to do textures.

I'm hoping to modify and create some new textures for costume pieces! Mostly for men because that's what I've been working on lately. Right now I have three mods ready to go and I'm looking forward to showcase them 😄

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Hello, I'm Nik.  I don't have a discord account yet but I can get one. I carry a bachelors in game and simulation programming and design. I know C#, Javascript and my C++ is a bit rusty, Modeling from 3ds max. Character Modeling, Rigging of ik and fk rigs both simple and complex, animation. Lately I just dabble in unity as a hobby anymore. I used to do augmented reality back in 2009. I am also a disabled veteran of the army and have no need to work for money and thus have plenty of free time. This game inspired me to get in to game development back in 2005. I would love to be a part of resurecting this game in any way possible. This MMO engine looks similiar to something I worked with in college i would love to take a crack at it. Contact me at: [email protected]

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Discord: 10k Volts

Timezone Currently: EST

Availability: Evenings & Weekends

Reel: Light & FX Reel



  • 3D Lighting & Rendering
  • 2D Compositing
  • 3D Procedural Modelling & VFX
  • Scripting - Python



  • SideFX Houdini
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Foundry Nuke, Katana
  • Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro)


Interested In

  • 3D modelling or VFX work
  • Basically anything really 🙂


2+ years in 3D Lighting & Rendering for both animated and live-action shows. Most of my experience is in Film & TV rather than games but I'm pretty quick to pick up things in any 3D software and definitely willing to lend a hand in any way possible. I do have coding knowledge and have helped build a few tools to work within programs as well

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Discord: Allastor#6106

Timezone Currently: GTM-3

Availability: Evenings & Weekends (Limited - to be discussed)

Demo Reel: W.I.P.

(Old 2016 Demo Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw0G_Mi9Xo0)



  • 3D Rigging & Animation
  • 3D Modelling & Texturing
  • 2D/3D VFX
  • MEL Scripting (basic)


Software proficiency

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unity3D
  • Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Flash)


Interested In

  • 3D character animations (player characters, monsters, etc). 
  • VFX for new power sets, buffs, etc.



8+ years experience in the industry of videogames for web, mobile, and some next gen. consoles as a Rigger, Animator and VFX Artist, as well as knowledge in the pipeline for integration of assets in Unity3D. Modelling & Texturing are secundary skills used for both character development, props, etc. Most of my career I have worked as a Rigger & Animator for a couple of companies in Latin America as well as outsourced products. Currently hired by Pomelo Games (Uruguay), hence the limited availability. Some architectural background.

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Your Discord tag: Pierce#0300


Applicable skills:

  • 2D art and graphics
  • Create and Modify 3D assets
  • Happy to use Discord

Availability & time zone: Most afternoons/evenings and weekends. Central Time Zone (US)


Tools and software that you are familiar with

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Autodesk Maya

What you would be interested in working on

  • Textures (Replace old and creating new)
  • Costume Creator
  • Environment Designs
  • Fixing/Updating Animations


Experience: BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development from SCAD. Former employee of Electronic Arts. 15+ years of experience in self published online games (web based). 4+ Years of teaching Game Design and 3D Computer Animation.

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Discord tag:  Nerfed5000#9867

Availability:  Presently Tuesday night through Sunday afternoon

Timezone - Eastern Standard Time.

Applicable Skills:  2D & 3D Texturing, past experience modifying & creating my own texture mods

Tools and Software:  Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate

What I'd Like To Work On:  new textures for existing costume parts  (such as new faces and additional options for existing costume parts)


Aside from adding new face options to give more diversity, I'd like to expand the options of pieces that already have multiple options, like Sneakers wiith Skin or Socks... such as giving a third option of Sneakers with Tights.  I'd also like to add tights to a variety of pieces with skin (such as other shoes, small gloves, bracers) that do not have those options available at present, as well as offer new designs on bracers and other pieces.  The game has a lot of player options that could easily be expanded with additional texture choices.

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Hey devs, starting this game in 2005 and heartbroken when it closed, so glad you brought this back.

I'm a pro musician/producer/sound designer, featured in magazines and TV, radio play and would like to contribute what I can to this awesome game.

I have a huge library of beats, songs- - all original recorded in my private studio.

  • Your Discord tag


  • Applicable skills (see below)

32 years including commercial experience.


  • Availability & time zone

I can find whatever time I need to create for this game.

  • Tools and software that you are familiar with

I mix and write mainly in the box. My DAW of choice is Nuendo/Cubase, but do use Protools, FL Studio, StudioOne, Sonar, Logic and Ableton.

Aside from a few choice outboard pieces, mics, amps, guitars, bassesd, drums etc.. I am using Native Instruments and Halion for sound design.

I have top end plugins.

  • What you would be interested in working on

Thematic music, zone music.. all music/beats.

I can supply samples of my work and lookforward to hearing from you.






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  • Frogue#6108 (Very Active, PM Friendly!)
  • 4 Years studying and 1 year working with 3D Game-Art, mostly as a Generalist with a specialization on both Animations and VFX. Modeling, Skinning, Rigging, Texturing, Scripting and Optimization in most softwares. Have a good understanding on the graphical pipeline (especially Animation) and a quick learner when it comes to 3D Softwares. Currently spending my workdays as a Game Animator at my own shareholding company.
  • Stockholm, Sweden (GMT+2) (CET+1) After 18:00 PM Business Days. Saturday and Sunday after 10:00 AM.
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Visual Studio, Blender, Autodesk Suite (Mostly Maya), Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Armorpaint.
  • I would love to help out on all the visual feedback, through custom Models, Animations and VFX.
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I am not applying, but offer this piece of advice to anyone who does get the position(s).

Study the old art files to make sure that the light/shading values on your new work match existing resources, so that we don't end up not being able to match the colours of  costume "sets"; such as "white" Fashion gloves vs Plain belt pictured here.



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Your Discord tag: firelightx#1396


Applicable skills:

  • 10+ years of photoshop experience
  • Previous experience modifying CoH art assets (familiarity with CoH's .pigg files and the folder layout, especially the art)

Availability & time zone: Mostly afternoons, occasionally other times throughout the day. Available on discord all day. Pacific Timezone


Tools and software that you are familiar with

  • Adobe Photoshop

What you would be interested in working on

  • Creating new assets for the costume creator
  • Tidying up what's already there and adding new textures to existing items (i.e. metal vs. matte, etc)
  • Creating all new "doesn't look like painted on skin" versions of existing "tops with skin" options for women


Truthfully I already have plenty of experience creating and modifying costume pieces in this game. I know where they are, I know how to do it. I'd need a little help understanding how to add items to the dropdowns (all my previous experience was in creating mods for the live game, which meant no touching the dropdown) but beyond that, I could have dozens of new costume options ready to go within a couple months.

Everlasting server

Main Characters: Vigilance, Firelight, Chameleon

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