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The Future - An Open Letter from the Homecoming Team


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On 10/20/2020 at 2:01 PM, carroto said:

Looks like Tony V deleted his post.  Can anyone who had a chance to read it summarize?  All I get from reading the rest of the thread is that he got engaged.

Paraphrase from memory:  "New job, developments and new life opportunities.   After many many years in the COH community TonyV is off to new adventures.  I am not a point of contact for negotiations, Homecoming, Titan Network and anything else  - peace out!  If I show up any where online I am just a regular community member like you. "


I think there was a slip up he mentioned merging Titan Network and Homecoming but the two camps clarified shortly and said 'no'.  

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Probably already said elsewhere in this thread, but I have a few things I'd like to see off the top of my head:


Mind Control's T9 (Mass Confusion) reworked

     -Would love to see an optional pet for Mind Control also.  Maybe a rework of MC as a whole is needed and not just a pass at it's T9.

MM henchmen customization

Mercenaries (MM set) reworked to not suck so bad compared to all other MM primaries

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These suggestions were originally posted individually. I did that on purpose thinking people might respond to the ones they liked. I also did it to avoid people of today who look at something and say, "I don't want to read." or "I don't want to read a book." I will separate the different posts within this so it is easier to see when different subjects are suggested.




It would be nice to be able to choose whether I see FX of both NPC and also other players powers or to be able to scale them down with an opacity control perhaps. I would imagine having other players powers turned off would enable a better view of what is going on and where I am, or where someone else is, or to simply watch the game while playing...

...during an MSR and other league events, when traveling in caves behind storms/pets,/player auras, and so on. Perhaps this helps reduce lag people experience also?

Even in first person mode, I often can't see a tank in the center of a mob even when I'm right next to them.

An alternative might be an intensitiy/opacity/"volume" control for FX that aren't mine. I am aware of /suppressCloseFxDist, however that is for my powers as I understand it, which means I can't always see if a power has activated/hit. It would be nice to be able to adjust the percentage of the FX so I can still see the game environment as well.




I play with the sound off. It's a trip when my playlist gets to any CoH music while I'm playing.  I don't remember what noises got me started turning sound off, but I listen to books and music while playing now. From what I can see from comments in chat, it may also be a nice idea to allow players to have a say about whether they want to hear other players powers. I gather demon pets and one of the beast pets (Dire Wolf ?) are pretty annoying. People have said the same about Cutting Beam and some other power's sounds that I don't remember right now. It looks as if not everyone enjoys listening to all of the sound effects in the game, especially when they are constant and very loud.




I would like to see ALL powers have a Minimal FX option.


This includes Tough, Weave, Maneuvers. I can see they are on. I don't like orbiting purple shields and red spikes and gold almond cookies spinning around my toons. I would have added those if they were part of the theme I'd selected: a box of Lucky Charms. Forcing auras diminishes the experience I am trying to have with the toons I create. Hours in character creator gives time to develop reasons why this is the weapon, this is the aura, this is the color and costume piece choice.... Often character development happens as it is created. As it stands, some unknown force in Paragon is trying to attack my toons but can't break their personal space bubbles.


Selecting Bright and then setting both colors to the darkest blue available is the best way I've found to reduce FX to barely visible. This does not work on all powers, as some have different color options from a different palette. All of my alt's powers that obstruct my view have these settings.




I would prefer to be able to choose whether I see the FX of buffs others place on my toons. The ice shields are a great example, along with force fields and Barrier set to Dark. It's odd there is an option to not receive buffs, but not one to not see the FX of the buffs. Of course I want the buff protections and benefits, but I don't want to see "my toon if I had picked cold powers instead of the ones I wanted". I want to see my toon as I create it.




The orbiting indicators on my toggles in my powers trays were all synchronized again yesterday when I logged on. This is the first time I've seen that in several months time, at least. At one time, they were synched when you logged on and until you, or something/one turned them off. Then you turn the one back on, and it's out of synch with the rest. Then that stopped and they all went random.


It would be nice to have the default for these indicators set to a single position, meaning synchronized. Regardless of when I turn one on, it would have an indicator that matched the positions of the others that are already on.


This enables assess my toggle tray at a glance, find and fix a problem if necessary, and return to playing. In only a second I can see where an indicator is missing.


Currently, it takes much longer to do this because I have to identify the indicator around each toggle. I don't like to be distracted when being attacked or when trying to do my part in a team. Doing this takes time and requires that I miss what is going on in the moment.




I would like to have the option to Disable notices about:

Common Salvage Received

Uncommon Salvage Received

Rare Salvage Received

Common Recipe Received

Uncommon Recipe Received

Rare Recipe Received

Very Rare Recipe Received

Enhancement Received


This is information I don't need for any reason. The pop up notifications are annoying and so have become ignored, which means I often miss other pop up notifications that may be I do need to know about.


Really weird to have an option to disable Insp, Salvage, Recipe Storage is Full, but not an option to turn off Received notices.




I would like to have the option to disable the green Preventative Medicine "+65" health boost indicator that floats up above my toons every few seconds.


I don't need to see it. I trust that it is working. I know I slotted it. I want to see the game, not be distracted.


Thinking about it, all I really need to see is the damage I do, and the damage done to me. If I could I would disable all other indicators except the various notices that my toon might have, such as "Domination".




I would like to have the option to remove ALL power icons from view. While it is nice that I can Hide Autopowers, why do I need to see that my Fly is on below my health/end bars? I can see everything in my trays, so each of these icons is redundant and unnecessary for me. From my newb perspective, there is nothing I can learn from these icons that I can't already see in my power trays.




MM pets:

Another vote for custom pets, full scale, not just a few options. Maybe even power colors? Certainly for auras.

Perhaps I want a Mob instead of lowly Thugs? This means suits for everyone.

Customizable pets should have their own costume slots. I don't think I would need multiple costumes for each pet, but I haven't had costumes for them yet, so I wouldn't know. I don't think players should have to sacrifice toon costume slots to use for pets, as I know some players use all of their available slots already.


Clowns: There are good clowns and there are bad clowns. Options could reflect that by offering both happy/sad/good guys and scary/scary/bad guys. Clowns can be pretty damned scary. This would be an excellent addition to the game.


Tier 3.  In my mind clowns arrive in a tiny car they can't possibly all fit in. This will keep me entertained for hours. Sad, but true. Tier 3 could have whiteface, auguste, or tramp clowns. Mimes too, but that doesn't work with the car arrival.


Tier 2. Could be jugglers. Auguste and jesters are the types of clowns most likely to be caught juggling. Mimes fit here as well, but again, not so much for juggling. What would a mime do? Imitate a Super Stunner he's standing behind?


Tier 1. Creepy or whiteface, as the player prefers. So this would be an option the player chooses the theme or type of Tier 1 clown. I would probably go with a Jester, just because the costume and the background behind them. Really any clown type is appropriate here I think. Auguste, mime, character (cop), and so on.


Oversized shoes, toxic trick squirting flowers, cotton candy holds, juggling items can all be melee.

Juggling items, rubber vintage air horns, exploding gift boxes can all be ranged.

Toxic Fart in a Can for PBAoE.


Other MM themes:

Soccer Mom, with the van when summoning? Tier 1 angsty moody unpredictably explosive teen. Tier 2 Terrible Twos. Tier 3 Brat Pack fighting each other, asking why all the time, and annoying foes and team members.

I don't think this is something that will benefit the game and be a popular selection with a lot of people, but I do think it's funny and it shows the wide range of potential for MM costume options.


Animations would have to change for some, but power stats could remain the same; true to the power sets that are selected.




It would be nice to have the option to toggle animations of a power.


IF a power happens to have more than one option for animation, a "Toggle" or "Alternate" option would provide more variety.


My main blaster assumes an interesting pose for a certain power that I rather enjoyed, which is why I selected it. Over time I'm not enjoying it so much. It's starting to look like my blaster may need to see a back specialist.


If these animations could be varied, it might give toons a more realistic presence to the players.


Of course this also invites the creation of more animations since many power sets share the same animation options in more than one power.




Animations for Wings and tails as weapons, and possibly capes, or extensions of capes.


Wings are arms, and are used for defense and offense by birds. Unique animations for Brawl, Kick, and other melee powers would be very nice to have in game and make my toons feel a lot more "realistic".


Ranged powers in spines and other sets could have animations using the wings of a toon also.


The idea being that if a winged toon takes these powers/power sets, the appropriate animations will be the default.




In addition to powers and auras, any costume pieces that have auras would appropriately offer minimal FX and reduced effects options.


Rocket boots very effectively blind a player when flying.




Unlock of all costume pieces regardless of gender. 


This would enable me to make a male toon:


- with Medusa like snake hair,

- with the different non human feet available to females that males don't get to select,

- and attempt to find any flowing garments that might appear as fins on a Sea Creature themed toon.


I might find options for my concept of a male character whose super powers are becoming a woman. Chat can't seem to be able to separate this concept from trans, but I don't care too much if people can't/won't get what makes me laugh. It's a man that become a super that has all the powers of a woman. Whoosh.


Yes, of course there will be trans toons created. I don't expect to find that that would be a problem at CoH? And in rl, trans people in general tend to be really f'ing hilarious, so bonus!




If I select a specific color, I want the gloves and boots to match the color of the top and pants. Very often gloves and boots don't match tops and pants when the same color is selected for all pieces.


I'd like to see all costume pieces have all colors and skins available. So if I want monstrous spiked bioluminescent gloves, let me have that. If I want bioluminescent to appear jet black with bright yellow stripes, let me have that, instead of grey, black, and yellow.


If I want to have the reflective metallic properties of all the costume pieces I select MATCH, then allow the skins to be available so that can happen. I would expect my horned metallic toon to have metallic horns.


This gets close to the needed revision of the creator, which I know won't happen. So I'll stop and just continue to look at my belt when I zoom in to see my boots.




It would be interesting to be able to expand the use of the "In Combat" requirement that activates weapons and auras to costume pieces.


For example, wings, tail, horns, spiked gloves/boots appear when combat is activated, and disappear when combat ceases, the toon returning to a normal appearance.


To clarify, I am aware I can switch costumes. Changing costumes is different than this suggestion of allowing specific costume pieces on a toon to become visible during combat by adding an "In Combat" option to them. I try to limit my cc'ing to when I'm not in combat, especially if teaming. It's considerate!

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Free selection of weapon types with their appropriate animations for the various power sets that apply. This allows for more toon themes which can be more appropriately followed.


This is not a suggestion for a revision or creation of power sets. Powers stats could be the same, simply with different options to increase the variety in our experience.

The idea is let the player decide what type of weapon the toon uses.

Maybe I'd rather cast spells than use a whip.

Maybe I'd rather have a whip than a pistol, or throwing knives, or stars, or goop.. throwing jack o'lanterns for Halloween themed toons, snowballs for winters - not limited to cold power sets.




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Expansion of weapon options:


A wizard toon could have a staff. Good for mostly ranged and any melee animations could be added from Staff power set. Would be ok to have a wizard staff option in the Staff power set too, I think.


A branch type of sword/club/staff for nature characters that want to play melee. I'd put live leaves on the hilt end, and along the length and/or at the top of the staff. I would expect this staff would have a no leaves option also.


Wands, but probably not, because that kind of stuff isn't really popular, is it Harry?

Can a healer wield a crystal ball? Or carry a caduceus?


Canes, for the melee gentlemen. The gentlemen need a proper top hat with a consistent diameter all the way to the top.

Parasols for the melee ladies. The ladies want bonnets and Victorian era poofery, and a melee fan to keep them cool in all of it while they waft away "unwanted suitors".


Canes and Sword Canes would be good in most blade sets, with Sword Canes being perfect for dual blades.


I know of 2 capes that act offensively/defensively.


Rapunzel, throw down your hair and hold/smash this melee mob or hit that ranged flyer.


As suggested earlier, Wings and Tails as weapons. Just like Nature intended. Teeth too, but rarely do you hear about that.


Janitors are most dangerous when their mop is wet.


For less conventional more conventional weapons there are weighted ropes/chains, flails.... and allow for a bright silver metallic skin on a whip and you've got one of those whippy sword things. Says their called whip swords.


... and skull heads and Dark power sets just kind of naturally mean there also needs to be scythes.



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Please remove the No Fly stipulation active on some powers. It is not fair that a power set would have a power that does major damage require the toon to be on the ground. All my toons fly. I play CoH because "I think it would be cool to fly around a city." To state that more clearly, I play CoH because I wanted to fly. That's why I came to the game. That's why I came back from other servers that don't care that their tweaks have negated my preferred playstyle. No, I'm not interested in the other travel powers.


If a power happens to obviously requrire contact with the ground, fine. Yeah, I can see if I'm going to do a Stomp, I'll have to touch down. Fine. Nothing about Titan Weapons or vainty pets indicates I should be ground bound for them to work. I can summon MM pets while flying.


There is no benefit to any No Fly restriction on casting powers that don't require actually touching down. I learned I need to find an read the specific descriptions of each power now, before choosing a power set. I'll never play that titan weapons toon. I've already started him on another power set.


Similarly, I only have vanity pets on 2 alts, I think. Why would I have to touch down to summon a flying demon pet that never touches the ground? I don't waste inf on those anymore.

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Very much appreciate the ability to lock tray numbers and lock powers in trays.


Along with disabling the ability of moving powers into trays while Lock Powers is selected, it would be really nice if removing powers from the trays could also be disabled. 


Unfortunately my mouse crush keyboard smash play style seems to remove powers from my trays every so often. I find it usually happens when in panicked battle. Maybe there's a connection. Yes, I could be more careful I guess.


And in panicked battle isn't really the best time to be opening powers and figuring out which one has been removed, unlocking the tray, moving the power back into it, locking the tray again, and then closing the powers window.

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If it is possible, and wherever it is possible, an option for alphabetizing things would be really nice.


Primarily, please alphabetize everything. Transit destination options, badges, vendors, AH, everything.


Finally being able to go exactly where I want on a list because I know it from memory only suggests to me how much time I may have spent/wasted (depending on mood) in the game. Couldn't I be doing something more productive?


In addition to the option to alphabetize, I imagine other players would want to arrange by rarity - salvage, or category - enhancements and recipes. They might appreciate having the ability to arrange things to their preferences.


Arranging portal destination locations by order of level is fine, if the level range of the zone is also posted with the name. However, I don't have those memorized, and I don't want to have the memorized, because couldn't I be doing something more productive than learning what levels a toon has to be to survive this fictional zone of this fictional city?


If I had the choice of arranging things alphabetically, the portal destinations would be much easier for me to navigate.


Can't stress this enough.

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It would save a lot of time to be able to do things in groups instead of one at at time.


Options to click to move ALL or Cntrl + click SELECTED items to AH, storage, and maybe to player trade windows also.


Move All To options would be appropriate in player's recipe, enhancement, insp, and storage windows.


It's the difference between dragging and dropping, or clicking twice to move, 20 times for 20 inspirations, or 1 time for 20 inspirations.

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I've decide there has got to be a specific reason why vendors do not have Buy Back options for accidentally sold items.


Whatever that reason is, remember people make mistakes. Most games, I expect, have a buy back option that allows the player to undo their woops.

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On 10/5/2021 at 2:49 PM, ThothMerkaba said:

The orbiting indicators on my toggles

It should be possible to add a clientside mod so this shows up as a blue circle or something instead. I'm not sure how you'd go about figuring out which image asset is the relevant one, though.

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I would suggest Wind control , Wind blast, as well as Holy Light , Also would love to see more Dragon looking wings like different types we really only have 2 that are close but lets see some like multi wing like 4 or more for Dragons , Angels, and Demons like Arch-Level stuff ^_^!

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Haven't read this whole thread, but I'll throw this in, at the risk of repeating someone:


Quite often the point of origin (forgot what it's commonly called here) of a power during its cast animation is the hand or hands. Sometimes the head area for sonic or mental powers. I'm sure I'm forgetting the others for the moment.


What I mostly have in mind is using the eyes as a point of origin. This is already true for Radiation Blast's X-Ray Beam and for the epic pool power Laser Beam Eyes.* I'm imagining Energy Blast's various attacks as being emitted from the eyes. Fire. Dark. Electricity. Etc. I do recognize that my request probably would require as much work as all of the Page 3 drop that hit Beta today (hopefully not), but I can dream.

*If I can't get anything else, I'd like these two to get 'bigger' blasts -- I'm thinking of Cyclop's eyebeams here. Call it a fencepost (what I'm desiring) as opposed to a pencil (what we have now with the above-named powers).

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Okay, this thread has long outlived it's usefulness. We're still happy to hear your suggestions and/or feedback, we'd just prefer it in the Suggestions & Feedback forum, not this old thread. See you there!

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