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Suggestion: Change name of Warshade power Shadow Slip to Shadow Fold


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I just created a couple of Brainstorm toons to check the icons for the new Teleport Pool and the teleport power icons for Warshades.


I discovered some typos reported here.


As well, I'd like to suggest a name change for Shadow Slip to Shadow Fold.


  • Shadow Step is the inherent Umbral Aura equivalent of Teleport.
  • Starless Step is the Umbral Blast equivalent of Combat Teleport.
  • Shadow Recall is the Umbral Aura equivalent of Teleport Target.
  • Shadow Slip is the Umbral Aura equivalent of Fold Space.


Though Shadow Step and Starless Step are very similar to one another, both names indicate the Warshade is moving.  Once the icons are fixed, I think they'll be told apart quite well.


Shadow Recall is close to the old name of one of the components of Teleport Target, Recall Friend, and indicates the Warshade is bring someone from afar to near.


I think Shadow Fold improves the connection to the Teleport pool power, Fold Space, in a way that Shadow Slip doesn't.


As both Fold Space and its Warshade equivalent are new powers and similar, I think Shadow Fold will help connect the two and improve the general understand of two new powers in a very big update.

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