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What's the most satisfying sound/feeling you've heard/felt in CoX?

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It can be anything you find satisfying, doesn't matter what it is.


The most satisfying thing i've heard and felt so far is the Full Auto ability when you hit alot of mobs in a cone and then starts to make that gun sound, and then when the mobs are firing alot of abilities at your team and then you blast your big ability at them back.

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14 minutes ago, carroto said:

Probably Siphon Life/Life Drain.  Something about the animation and sound, and the reaction from the mobs, it just feels so powerful.  Even more so if the attack defeats the mob.  Even more so if it's on a Corruptor and it scourges, and defeats the mob.

Heraclea has a bind she uses in connection with Soul Drain.  It just says "Sooooouuul draaaaiiin!"


You probably need to be fairly old to get the reference. 

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Earth Control powers (and Stone Melee/Assault). So powerful in sound, action and effect on mobs.

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I don't know if I have a fave, but once back on Live my stalker was basically playing tank for a team that was slightly lower levels than I was, against some Council.  I accidentally ran into a room full of them without back-up and the sound of like thirty Council machine guns BRRRRRRRRRRRR went on for like thirty solid seconds, what a wonderful sound!  And my nearly taking everyone of them down by myself was also a great feeling.😀

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Other than my own customized mods? Hmmm...the ambience of the Hollows.

The Howl of the Peace Bringers (which was removed but hey, no biggie I brought it back!)

The THOOM of foot stomp

The Crackling of Ice (another sound I brought back, the multiple crackling SFX)

The POW of Whirling Hands

The Toggle for Repel (Sadly, the same sound on other ATs now vanish after a few seconds like the toggle for Invincible)
The sound Energy Blaster have
The theme for City of Heroes and Atlas Park (Which I recreated!)
The sound effect when Ripper Hits its target

The sound Assassin's Strike used to have before it was removed. (I brought that back too!)

The stacking AoE SFX that Heals used to have (Warmth, Radiant Aura, Healing Aura and Nullify Pain) until they were complained out of existence.

And lastly, the stacking sound effect that Kinetics Fulcrum Shift used to have (that was also removed)  😞


Sadly, almost all of the sounds I once loved has since been removed from the game, only some of which I was able to bring back. It's what prompted me to start creating Sound Mods to begin with.

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I play with sound off, but I really enjoy watching the animations.  DP/mc blaster makes me laugh out loud most of the time, as does staff fighting.  MA scrapper is just a beautiful ballet, spinning and jumping and flipping.  All very satisfying.

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The Goldside login screen music.  Sounds so much more epic to my ears than pretty much anything in game.


Ending an attack chain with a KB power, especially with Martial Arts or Martial Combat.  Sure, you're wasting damage, but there's a satisfying finality to ending a fight by sending your foe flying.

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