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[Informational] 11.0.1 Big Sur easy install


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I'll make it short for now (on my tablet), but I wanted to point out probably the simplest tool I've ever used for making an installation media for MacOS. Something is either wrong or changed in Mojave and newer because I can't use the simple command-line to create bootable USBs. Even worse was when I briefly tried the latest OS beta.


And the I came across the Patched Sur found on github (?) and man did that masks things simple. Not only does it do all the work, but it lets you choose your version of the OS you want to build. Having used the beta in a VM to nab the live edition (the tool was designed for beta), I can even use the live edition as a source. I already had the beta installed on my 3rd partition, but when I aimed the refreshed installer at that drive it did an in place upgrade.


Now depending on your hardware and its "official support status (my MBP 2012 is not), you may have to manually install the preloaded kexts from the USB. The patcher is Supposed to automate that, but a simple sudo command (I'm super green on terminal) later and I got Wi-Fi. Oddly enough, it Says I'm on the 2.4Ghz band, but I'm getting 5Ghz speeds from the router.


Either way, having the full 1.5Gb of vRAM is much nicer than the 3Mb you get in parallels. I can't see much of a performance difference when doing basic functions so far.

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