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Make Traps' FFG Permanent Without Resummoning

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What it says in the title. Traps' force field generator is permanent without any slotting, with a 15 second recharge and a 4 minute duration. However, a traps character will still have to recast the force field generator when that duration ends. Often it ends while a traps character is in combat, leaving them without mez protection and defence, shortly thereafter preventing the traps character from recasting ffg because they're mezzed. Sure, the character could recast before every combat to be absolutely sure it won't fail, but traps already has so much prep it needs to do to get into combat to begin with - caltrops, acid mortar, poison trap, seeker drones, trip mine, time bomb, and/or triage beacon depending on who you ask. Surely, this small pet that can't even teleport to catch up could be made permanent and save a little time and frustration.

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why isn't sentinel bioarmour's athletic regulation getting a look?

Oversight, it will be addressed in the next build.

Oh no. Oh god. What have I done? 

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I'd say if they can't give us something better than Time Bomb/Detonator, then yes.   Force Field Generator could be made permanent.

But, whether wisdom or folly, the original Devs -did- make Force Field Generator temporary as part of the Traps Set's "balance."  More of an inconvenience than a true flaw, in my opinion, but I think it might be an upward battle to do the necessary convincing that the Traps Set deserves both a Quality of Life improvement AND a better Tier 9.


I won't argue against that happening, mind you.

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A simple option would be to adjust the mechanic the in a similar way to how buffing on Masterminds was adjusted --buff one buffs all.  In this case, doing any of the prep work for traps other powers would reset the timer on their FF generator as if they had just summoned it. You still have to be doing 'something' to keep it going. but it no longer times out in combat simply because you've moved on to the next group and the timer is getting close --as long as you did some of the scut work or the power set as well. 

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I have an Illusion/Traps and I think it is really pointless that the Force Field Generator blows up every couple of minutes. I think there are better ways to balance it versus Force Field's Dispersion Bubble than making me resummon it every couple of minutes.

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I think part of it is also the end cost, you have to spend at least X end every 4 minutes, more if the drone gets beaten, but you can keep it up permanently even if some sort of mez does hit you (whether it's something that FFG doesn't protect against like fear or confuse or if the mag overwhelms the protection) where a toggle would get suppressed/shut down.


Not saying a perma-pet wouldn't be nice, but I do sorta understand why it is how it is.


Maybe if the drone would have it's model and the bubble it projects replaced with something very visually distinct for the last 30 seconds/1 minute to help remind to re-summon?

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alternate idea
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