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Lockdown 2020: Badges, New Content & Issue 27

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2020 will not be missed.. (could use a limerick here)


Here are somethings to do while in lockdown or under new restrictions.


Never explored all the zones and got the badges.. well this ties into a new game function that's coming soon.

Here's some great suggesting on the topic:


Never explored some of the exceptional player created content?

Here are some to check out:




Looking for some in-game activities or organized groups?

Here ya go:


Events and Contests:



This Holiday:



Never tried PvP? Well..

(just kidding)


New to the game and just looking to get started?

Great tips can be found at:


Maybe someone's just looking for a new look or costume.

Want to test out the new stuff in Beta?




Please feel free to help collaborate, add suggestions or additional items. Lots of stuff buried in the forums that could use a bump.


This will be edited to include more links and instructions.

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As an advocate of AE, @Troo (just saw your cross post there) I'll recommend people check the Dev Choices and then check for Hall of Fame+SFMA (Hall of Fame on its own will give you a slew of farms to wade through, and some do have story content but only some), and then I'm going to show some biases by listing a few authors (in no particular order) that I personally enjoy the work of, whether they've done merely one or many more.


@cranebump(also writes under @cranebump2and @cranebump3), @Take One, @Ankylosaur, @Peacock, @Grouchybeast, @leese, @Shockstorm, @thunderforce and plenty more.  Those are just a few off the top of my head without referring to my "BIG LIST OF AEs WHAT I LIKED".


And I've written a few myself. ( @Darmian)


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