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The Iron Eagles - Deathless SG

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One of my favorite memories from the Live server days was running with the Iron Eagles SG, where everyone played their characters as deathless. If you died, you left the SG. Unsurprisingly, this led to people creating a lot of alts, but it also encouraged a lot of fun teams. I've thought a lot about the Eagles since I first found Homecoming, and I've finally decided to do something about it, prompted by my deathless Shield/Electric tank (Short-out Shock) reaching 50.


The Iron Eagles ride again! I've created the SG on Everlasting, led by Short-out Shock. Of course, I also have several lower-level characters in the process of trying to survive! We have a very basic base, which I hope to expand if someone better at base construction joins up.


The rules are simple - if you die, you leave the supergroup. Some folks will also delete the character, but that's totally optional - if I lose a higher level toon, I'll often just move that character to another supergroup. Of course, when they're no longer an Eagle they tend to get played less. 🙂


I encourage anyone interested in joining to message me in-game (@ineffablebob) or join the global channel "Iron Eagles". If we get a good amount of participation then we can look into running some events specifically for deathless characters.


No Death! No Debt! All Glory!

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Good question! I would love to outsource the answer to the first roleplayer who wants to join. 🙂 I do a bit of lite RP from time to time, but I'm far from...excuse the term...hardcore.


As for villains, I do intend to allow characters of any alignment to join. Avoiding death is a equal opportunity pursuit!

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Haven't had many folks interested in rolling Eagles, but I've been playing mine. Short-out Shock has done all the iTrials, and most of the task forces and trials. He got the Really Hard Way badge today (thanks @Sundew) which would absolutely have been impossible back on Live. Way too many chances to die before you could get to all T4 incarnate, much less getting people together who knew what they were doing to get the badge!

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Hurray for the Eagles!

I made it to 50 in the Iron Eagles on my fourth Eagle back on live (Ward of Justice, Forcefield/Fire Defender).  That was some of the most fun I've ever had in game; the deaths were all memorable almost a decade later.  Unfortunately I don't remember any of the specific characters other than Ayburn, who I didn't play with much.  I know only a few of us hit 50, and one of my fellow 50's died in a Lady Grey to the Hamidon with me shortly before shutdown.


I'm going to look at joining again soon, its so much fun doing permadeath.

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