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First and foremost, I offer sincere thanks to @Janrith, @ROBOKiTTY, @Wingman, and anyone else who worked on the predecessors to this menu. They deserve immense credit, and the work I have done on this project is built upon the work they accomplished.


This project is an offshoot of the alphabetic badge list popmenu. My version of this project is a customized popmenu containing both a categorized and alphabetical badge listing, created in early 2020. Details on the history of the overall project can be found at the link above. For a detailed rundown of my own modifications, start with this post (from the above thread) and work your way down the thread from there.


In the interest of keeping that thread dedicated to the original version of the project, I decided with the advent of Issue 27 to make a separate thread for my version. The original version is a fantastic menu and I strongly encourage everyone to try it out. As I've done from the outset, I will continue to share new and/or updated badge information with the creators of the original version so that both versions can be as up-to-date as possible.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in the spoilered text below:



The simplest installation method is to use the CoH modder tool. This popmenu is available there under the name Badge List Menu (v5).


For manual installation, you'll need to locate the root folder for your CoH installation. If using the new Homecoming Launcher, click the settings button (which looks like a little gear) in the upper right corner of the HC launcher. When the settings window appears, the installation location is shown at the top of the window. The following screenshot illustrates what you'll see (the settings button appears in green here):




If using Tequila or Island Rum, you'll either need to search for the install manually, or you should be able to check the properties of the shortcut used to launch Tequila/Island Rum, and the installation location should be listed there.


Once you have located your installation root folder (which I'll refer to as <CoH Root Folder>), the menu file should go into:


<CoH Root Folder>\data\texts\English\menus


If you don't have the data folder, or any of its subfolders, it should be fine to create them. Place the .mnu file in the last subfolder 'menus'. There are at least three ways to access the menu, either via chat, via a keybind, or via a macro, using the commands highlighted below.

from chat: /popmenu BadgeSetList
via keybind: /bind <your_key> "popmenu BadgeSetList"
via macro: /macro <macro_name> "popmenu BadgeSetList"

I recommend using a keybind, because in some parts of the menu there are several sub-menus which may extend partway across the screen. By using a keybind, the menu will appear at your cursor location when the keybind is pressed, so I typically move the cursor to the upper left of the screen and then press my keybind so that I have enough room for the submenus to expand if needed.


There are three 'Favorites' sections in the menu. One at the very top, one in the Accolades > Day Jobs section, and one in the standalone Day Jobs section. Users may wish to overwrite the badge information in those sections with their own respective favorites. If so, just keep in mind to retain a backup when updating so that these favorites sections are not overwritten.


The version posted here has been updated according to the changelog in the spoiler box below.



25-Nov-2020: Updated to Issue 27

  • Added new badges, and updated a few existing badges (mostly for category change)
  • Reorganized the exploration accolades to match the zone categories for the exploration badges
  • Added comments in the favorites sections
  • Other minor reorganization here and there


  • Fixed a few minor typos/errors
  • Uploaded mod to CoH Modder tool as Badge List Menu (v3)


  • Added Snowbound badge
  • Uploaded mod to CoH Modder tool as Badge List Menu (v5)


If anyone would like to take this menu and build upon it, please feel free to do so. All I ask is that credit be given to the prior authors and me for the work that has been done to date, and that you take credit for any modifications that you make to this menu. Otherwise, please let me know if you have any comments or questions, or if you notice anything that isn't correct. Thanks!







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Dec 01 updates, added detailed install instructions
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On 11/28/2020 at 1:46 AM, arthurh35353 said:

How do you get this as a macro button? The description of the modder file doesn't explain that either?

Details regarding the installation and use of this menu can be found in this post.

The top post has been edited to include detailed installation instructions, and the CoH modder description has also been edited to include simple instructions.

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added instructions
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There are multiple means of deploying the popmenu in-game. Given that I had already written an extensive post explaining the installation of and multiple options for deploying the popmenu in-game, linking to that post seemed the most appropriate. I also wanted to show respect both for my audience's ability to read and understand the OP, as well as for the importance of brevity.


Edit: I've added slightly more detailed installation instructions to the top post, and have removed the link to the former instructions.

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Thanks so much for updating this popmenu. I have been relying on it more and more! With Market Crash being the weekly, I can tell super quick with just a click of the macro who's got that loyalty badge and already earned the free purple, and who still needs to grab the free loot! 

And, as a badger, it's been super useful! 

Now, if there were just a way for the badge name to link to a url that would explain what has to be done to get that badge (for the names I don't recognize). But that's likely not possible, and certainly not expected. But, I can dream. 🙂


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Thanks very much for the kind words, and I am glad that you find this menu useful!


39 minutes ago, Ukase said:

Now, if there were just a way for the badge name to link to a url that would explain what has to be done to get that badge (for the names I don't recognize). But that's likely not possible, and certainly not expected. But, I can dream.


That would indeed be nice, but as far as I know it is not possible, at least in terms of it having a URL that would open automatically in one's browser. There are theoretically some options for adding badge acquisition notes into the menu itself, but I think it would alter the look of the menu fairly dramatically, and it would require quite a significant investment of effort and time. Even then, I am not sure how feasible it would be to add enough information to preclude the user from the need to research the HC wiki or the forums, so there would probably always be some degree of needing to visit an external site to fully inform oneself on how best to acquire any given badge.


It might be reasonable to focus on a subset of badges, for example commonly sought badges like defeats and accolades, and provide acquisition notes about just those. Unfortunately I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment, as they say, and it'll be a while before I think I would have the time to look into something like that. I will consider it, though, once I wrap up my other ongoing projects.

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1 hour ago, Vanden said:

You could just have each menu option send a Tell to $name with a description of how to earn the badge.

Yes, that was among my theoretical options mentioned in my prior post, and it would be the least obtrusive to the existing menu layout, but unfortunately the other obstacles still remain.

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6 hours ago, Vanden said:

Why does the menu have entries for badges that the wiki's apparently never heard of, like Avenger and Beta Tester?

Because the Wiki is only slowly catching up with the changes over the past year and more, and as @AboveTheChemist said, there's already new Badges being added.  He's being thorough and up-to-date, as he should be.


I don't have "Avenger", but I have its companion Badge "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" on a toon.  They're rewarded for the two completion options of Independence Port's Shawna Brown's Level 25-29 Vigilante arc "Dirty Work", added in i26p3.




"Avenger" is also one of 18 Achievement Badges awarded for arcs and challenges that should be Accomplishment Badges.  I'll be putting in a suggestion that arcs and challenges should be united under either Accomplishments or Achievements.


"Beta Tester" sounds related to "Bug Hunter".  I would think it would be handled the same: it's not earned in game but to players working to improve the game, it will likely be at the top of the in-game Accolades listing, and it won't be included in the total Badge count.

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Finding Your City Install Root on Windows for HC Launcher, Tequila, Island Rum

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2 hours ago, Jakil said:

@AboveTheChemistthanks so much for such an amazing tool, is there currently a way to employ this with the file setup of the new HC launcher? I have it setup on my old PC through Tequila

Thanks for the kind words! I've actually edited in some more detailed instructions into the top post, so if you don't mind scrolling up there and expanding the first section of spoilered text (where it says 'Reveal Hidden Contents'), that should cover everything you need to get it set up under a new HC launcher install. If you have any trouble just let me know.

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