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Time Wall slotting sets

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As per the patch notes:

Time Wall

  • Now inflicts scale 1 energy damage to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers
  • Now accepts Damage enhancements and sets

Can't slot Thunderstrike [Ranged Damage set] into Time Wall however.

In game tooltip only mentions Slows and Immob sets permitted.


Time Wall.jpg

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actualy was thinking it might be worth doing timewall into aging touch now and then but since it does not work all you really get out of that is some lack luster DoT along with the fact that with out i also lose my soft cap hope it gets fixed

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The in-game display is, unfortunately, correct.  The set is not included in the list of powers that can accept ranged damage sets. (Yes, horribly, that's how this works - powers are added to a huge list of powers each set category can slot into.)




Which does seem like a bug. I'm just confirming it's more than just a UI bug.

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The volunteer team does read all these posts even though they dont all get responses.  I imagine this is on 'the list' but not everything gets fixed every time.  Hopefully this can be resolved in an upcoming patch but it needs to be heroes killing heroes in an atlas park costume contest to be hotfix worthy.

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