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Lab of Doctor Buzzaw: Arc and ideas.

Razor Cure

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I am playing through this new arc now, and it is really cool!

The maps are varied and mostly non generic, with the only 'problem' one being the sewer map, which I thought was a bit too dark. I am playing a dark MM and its hard to see stuff! Perhaps making it a bit brighter? ALso, for the love of GOD, please give the NPCs perception. Like + 500000000 million miles? Even Running tactics, and turnnig ss and sf off, DocB insisted on getting lost when I move at about 5cm per HOUR. Obviously not a problem exclusive to the arc, but even so.


Love the 2nd last (or 3rd last) mission in Cap, fighting Crey. ANY mission with PP's is a win in my book, and I was totally amazed by the mini PP's at the end! I am not sure if they are like..a minimum size, but the smallest seem way more tiny than the custome creator let's us go. I'd LOVE to be able to make like a super tiny blaster or something. Not sure about balance issues with hiding behind crates etc (which we can already do to some degree), but it would be super cool.


Random Ideas:

A CREY MasterMind set! Or more spefically, a Paragon Protector MM set. With the immature ones, 7th gen (teir2 pets) and Perfected Protector.

Some kinda defensive power set with growth and shrinknig. Currently the 'form' changing powersets (khleds, bio, granite) all screw costumes to different degrees, so a set that let your become huge (Antman!), but still look like 'you,' in order to take an alpha strike would be interesting. Then shrink down to tiny, for defensive bonuses or something.


Last mission. I LOVE how DrP looks. The mix of costume parts is just amazing and so well done. Likewise all the Freakloks. So much variation in them..I keep stop duying the mission to study the different types! I have no clue how close we cna get to those looks ourselves..but I hope we can (or will get) more of those bits.


More Ideas: A Freaklok specific Strike Force. ALL Freakloks, all the time!

Freaklok MM! Freaklok Archtype!

Make it so!


If you have not played this arc yet, try it! Worth doing just to see these amazing costumes.

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