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LFM: Web Designer with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Experience


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  • Homecoming Team

Hello everyone!

We’re currently working on a new website and are on the lookout for some help to make it as awesome as it can be!


The primary focus of the new site is to improve account registration and management - specifically by reducing our reliance on the forums, as relying on third-party software for such critical services can be troublesome and makes these services more difficult to maintain, secure, and build upon.


Along with account management, the site will also have all the features you may expect - a newsfeed, a knowledge base, and access to support and links to our various platforms (the forums, Discord, etc).


We’re already hard at work on the new back-end services and we’re primarily looking for volunteers with the following experience to help us build out the front-end of the site:

  • Modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript / TypeScript to create responsive mobile-friendly websites
  • Working experience using Git is great but we’re happy to help out with this if necessary
  • Sass experience is a big plus
  • React and Next.js experience is a plus but is not necessary


And a few things to be aware of:

  • We’ll need you to sign a very brief legal agreement (covering confidentiality and the fact that this is an unpaid, voluntary arrangement)
  • We’ll be primarily communicating over Discord


If you think you’d be a good fit and are interested in helping us out, please reply to the thread with a short post containing the following information:

  • Which of the aforementioned technologies and/or languages you have experience with
  • A short tidbit about your experience and what aspect(s) of the project you would like to work on (strictly design, functionality, graphics, etc.)
  • Confirmation that you’re happy to sign the legal agreement and communicate with us over Discord


Thank you in advance for your time and interest!


Please note: Any replies to this thread which are not applications for or questions about the role will be removed.


Homecoming Team


If you need help, please submit a support request here or use /petition in-game.


Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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Languages I have experience with:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Some experience with React (and Node, if you have plans to use that)
  • Git

I have a few years of front/back-end web development experience. I understand CSS, but my design skill is...not great; I'd want to help out with site functionality.


I'd be happy to sign the agreement and communicate over Discord.

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I have experience with the following languages/programs:

  1. HTML5/CSS3
  2. Javascript
  3. Git/Github
  4. Sass in conjunction with GulpJS
  5. Some experience with ReactJS and NodeJS
  6. Worked with and created mobile-friendly experiences

For specific examples of websites I've created, feel free to reach out over discord. I would of course be ready and willing to sign any necessary agreements. My experience is in front/back end work, with most personal projects I've worked on focused on front end, with my current dayjob in backend development/maintenance.

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HTML and CSS no problem.


JavaScript is a mystery to me, I think it involves maths *shudder*.


Anything I don't know or haven't used I can learn lickety-split.  I had created and maintained websites, including mobile access, for several years.  They are all gone now, and any outdated information in my brain can quickly be updated for todays newer technologies/languages.  My main interests would probably be the nit-picky stuff, clean code and making sure everything is just right, then, of course, it all has to be pretty, too.


FYI, all my coding knowledge is self-taught, when I went to college they didn't even have a computer course, not that I graduated or anything fancy like that.  Anyway, my point here is that I am terrific at research and tracking down the info I need to do what needs to be done.  Also, according to my sister (whose website I mastered for a few years), I can invent new colors.


Happy to sign paperwork and connect on Discord.

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I'm good with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Git, React.  Not much for design but if you know what you want I can make it happen.  Been doing this stuff for years, although it's usually a mix of back end and front end leaning more towards the back end.


As for the legal agreement that's perfectly understandable and fine, as is discord.

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Been a Junior Web Designer for a year that does primarily vue applications.

  • Javascript (Vue, v1 Angular, and some experience in React. No experience in Next.js)
  • Git and Sass

I would be fine with signing a legal agreement as long as this can be added onto my portfolio. Communicating over discord is fine with me!
As far as desired aspects that I would like to work on would be in design and functionality. 

A concern I would have are what the deadlines, expectations, and other things along the lines of project management.

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  • 2 weeks later

Hi! I'm aura. I'm currently learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript (self-taught). I'd love to help with anything and everything. I feel like I have a good eye for art, and can do math-related things as well. I am still new to these languages, but I'm willing to learn them more in-depth. I'd be happy to communicate with you guys over Discord and sign paperwork. If  you'd like an example of my work, I've made a webpage for a small DOOM mod project I've made here: https://auratoostronk.github.io/alphatiuswebsite/index.html . It's not completely finished, and I'm working on rewriting some of it and making it more mobile-friendly/friendly for different screen resolutions, but hopefully it gives you a general idea.

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Been working in front end development for 4 years. Lots of experience with git, HTML, CSS (been using SASS in our stack for the past year), JS (experience with react, but mostly use vanilla), and working with teams of backend engineers and graphic designers. Would love to help out with anything you guys might need. 

I built a really simple full-stack social app in college (computer science) so I'm comfortable with working with that type of application. I think I'd like most to work on the design of the form and feed components (design & functionality). I'm sure I could contribute to working on the knowledge base too.

No hangups here with the legal agreement, just want to give something back to this game I've been playing forever.

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  • 1 month later

Hey guys.  Not volunteering for this (a bit beyond my purview).
However, if someone is available, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you bring on board a person who is conversant with website accessability standards.
Knowing the technical end and the artistic end are just great.  But the industrial art many sites seem to lean towards is...not terribly usable or even intuitive.
And we do have a population of aging users, some of whom may have visual impediments.  As well as people who quite simply didn't grow up with what I like to refer to as "Choose Your Own Adventure" websites where you need a guidebook, a compass, three sherpas and a million tooltips to navigate.

Not casting shade on anyone.  Just pointing out something that seems to get assumed will "just be taken care of by process" and seldom ever is.


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Hey all!

Relevant tech stack experience:



A little about me:

I started in game dev, but switched to web a couple years ago. The last shop I worked at ran a web app written in VueJS and Go w/mongodb, and I was a full-stack (junior) dev on it.

I'd love to work on anything implementation related! (My design skills aren't great, but I can make something look and work how it should)


Happy to sign whatever and chat w/whatever!

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  • 1 month later

I don't mind volunteering some of my time, I am currently an Sr EM at a public company, prior to that i was the head of engineering at another company. I have been a web tech developer for about 15years, 


- React (TS/JS), C, Go, Ruby, Elixir

  - I do angular but dislike it lol


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  • 1 month later

Hello! Are you still on the lookout for devs? I wouldn't mind stepping forward and volunteering some of my time to help.


Quick bio: I've been a web developer for about 6+ years now (HTML/CSS/Javascript). I've got 4 years of professional experience with React and Node.js, and I've played around with Next.js. Currently, I'm leading a team of developers.


Time zone: BST (UK based)


Available time: during the week, I can dedicate a few hours in the afternoon/evening after work. During the weekend, it depends on my plans, but I'm generally busy on RL things, so it varies from time to time.


Feel free to contact me if you think I could be of help!

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