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Annah and Norsewind fighting in Croata

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I was hunting Fir Bolg in Croata near the train and I guess some of them got to close to Norsewind because she started fighting them. I go hunt a little further away then I see a thundercloud appear and Norsewind is fighting with Annah who is listed as an Archvillain.


This was on Everlasting server 12/8/2020 at 6:57pm CST


Usually they just hang out all friendly but I guess one of them must have said something?

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DOPPELGANGERS!  Because I was chatting to Norse Wind in the Winter Forest at exactly the same time! DUM DUM DUM!

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That's weird, they used to be next to each other and were I think both flagged as part of the GhostCabalFirbolg gang, but for I27 page 1 Norsewind was moved up to the train station railings. Maybe they had to remove the gang flag for some reason related to Winter Forest (to stop them fighting Villain characters?), and that's why Norsewind was moved?


Very easy to taunt some Fir Bolg over to her, and as she follows them she'll run into Annah. Annah doesn't stand a chance!

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9 hours ago, Garble said:

Imagine of the Patron AVs occasionally brawled inside Grandville.

The arbiters don't allow then to brawl with each other.  Something about a patron truce, but it's something that gets you an audience with Arbiter Daos from time to time in their story arcs, notably Black Scorpion who wants you to go after Ghost Widow since she suggested funding for the Fortunas rather than R&D for Scorpion's armor.

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