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Warshade -- Gravimetric Snare & Gravity Well

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Warshade -- Gravimetric Snare & Gravity Well:




Neither of these powers has a -fly element despite Gravity being the theme and in the name.  Thematically it might be appropriate to consider adding this.  Especially for the Hold.


Neither of these powers has a % knockdown element.  Adding a (small) chance to knockdown would give junior Warshades a chance to counter Quantum Gunners in the same way that the guns themselves work (the knockdown of the gun being the major threat).


If the junior Warshade were given early access to a knockdown counter Quantum enemies could become more 'interesting'.




Expand the nature of the Quantum threat through new enemy types, encounters and arcs, showcasing the creativity of the team. 



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I don't think the *hold* needs a KD. It might be interesting for snare, though. (The hold tends to be enough of a counter on its own, in my experience.) As far as snare not having -fly... granted, we don't hit flying enemies a *lot,* but it does tend to be useful.


As far as Quantums - new enemy *types* would probably be the hardest part of that, given the lore, but not impossible. I'd be all for new encounters/arcs. Then again, I *like* fighting Quantums.

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Please, if you feel the need to shoot down someone's suggestion by saying "It's not worth the devs time," don't. The devs are big boys and girls and can determine for themselves what is or is not worth their time, they don't need you to do it.

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