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Mastermind pet

Le Nomad

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Hi i found a problem with mastermind necromancer Lich armor . By default auto Res smash ,lethal ,negative ,immo but if you look in combat attribute of the lich pet is not have smash lethal resistance ..... miss buff and i have already send another petition about oni ninja pet for same kind of problem miss buf on pet armor



Look in pet icon in advanced mode , Expend to see all pet buff and right click on the Lich resistance Armor you gonna see   Res smash / lethal / negative /immo  vs combat attribute from lich it miss those bufff  Smash / lethal .        And im pretty sure on official the grave knight have smashing buff to but it not show on homecoming  no where so cant really complain about it ,  zombie receive  all of those good buff thats weird ......

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