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Assault rifle muzzle flash appears at the wrong spot-under the weapon muzzle circa at feet height

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  • 3 weeks later

Sorry for the late reply. 😕


I have looked abit further into the problem. It seems that it only happens on this alt I have. Whenever I make a new alt with assault rifle powerset, everything looks good.

I tried to switch between several assault rifles in costume maker, always the same. The muzzleflash happens always below the weapon. The assault rifles I took were the colorable standart assault rifle and the council assault rifle, so I assumed it will be the same if I take the other types of rifles too. Today I found I was right, no matter what kind of rifle, the bug appears. 


I now hope someone knows a solution to this. It is a level 50 alt I don´t want to wreck because of this. 😕


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  • 2 weeks later

Is your characters secondary Ninja Training by any chance? I was messing around with the character creator last night and it seemed to glitch out the animations on Beam Rifle just as you described.

So I just looked through all the Blaster primary powers while paired with Ninja Training in the preview, and animations for Assault Rifle and Beam Rifle are the only ones to have that glitch with all the animations emanating from by the characters feet (and from their butt one time) except for Flamethrower and Ignite in AR which still work fine.

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