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PvP Tournament: Draft n' Bash

Message added by GM Tahquitz

This event has been cancelled by the organizers and has been removed from the Event Calendar by a GM.
(You're seeing this message because the thread is locked to player replies.)

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On 12/26/2020 at 7:48 PM, Poned said:

I will volunteer to captain since ALL YALL SCARED ūüó£

Thank you for volunteering @Poned.


I can’t even begin to thank you guys enough for the hard work & dedication you put into these events. Between you and @Sarrona, a magical experience is created every time you guys put your heads together. 

Just a reminder there is a little less than a week to sign up for the draft, if you haven’t already done so.


Special thanks to our Zone PvP Rep @CR Mochifor the lovely SC event I heard was hosted today.



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On 12/24/2020 at 12:48 PM, Xtreme Chaos said:

global is @Xtreme Dynamics

I have many PvE builds that I can respec in time for the event, could also try and get a new build prior if my captain would prefer it.


Have also played in RV quite a bit lately.

Please message me on discord Poned#3589 - you have 24 hours to send a message or you will be removed from my team. 

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Hello everyone!

Please see the attached updated team rosters for this event. We had to make some adjustments do to people griefing or stepping out from the event.



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The event has ended, and a player who was banned continues to circumvent their ban to draw attention to a resolved matter.  This post is locked.


A gentle reminder to folks that continuing a locked discussion is a Code of Conduct violation and will result in sanctions for additional accounts.  Time to move on.

Edited by GM Tahquitz
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