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Corruptor or Defender? Dark Miasma and Sonic Attack


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Looking for advice, here.
I've heard that the /sonic defenders can out-damage sonic/ corruptors due to defenders having better debuffs.  Is this true?
Also, in terms of survivability, which one is sturdier?  

Please don't say "just try both".  If you absolutely HAD to pick JUST ONE, which would you choose and why?

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Defenders have better buff and debuff numbers.  The defender will be sturdier, and may out-damage the corruptor even solo.  In groups the defender's debuff advantage is multiplied, exceeding the impact of the corruptor's damage cap.


I'd play a corruptor if I hated the Tier 1 blast, wasn't going to heavily invest in the support set, and could reach a comfortable level of survivability.

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Defender every time.  With a different blast set I might choose corruptor but Sonic makes more sense on a defender.  I don't even think the choice is close, Dark Miasma is always going to function better on a Defender and sonic is a weak damage set that relies on the secondary effect, which is better on defenders.  Corruptor brings almost nothing to the table to make up for the lower debuff, I guess you could say they get their blasts earlier leveling up which is nice?


Unless you're tied to corruptor for a conceptual reason, which is a fine reason to pick corruptor, the more efficient choice is pretty clear.


Also, just try both.

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