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Elect/Elect/Ice Build


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Wondering if anyone wanted to critique my build.  Most of my in game experience is melee types, so I have a hard time focusing my build for ranged types.  My goal is to be able to actually drain end to 0 quickly and keep it there while also staying alive long enough to get some XP in the process.  I *think* this is fast enough to get perma-dom but I have only read about it and have no practical experience with it in game (yet).  I plan on rolling thsi toon tonight or this weekend and I want to have a road map rather than a respec plan for a change.


EDIT: I struggle slotting pets in general I kind of don't understand what's useful.  I have (I think) a whole set of Soulbound Allegiance recipes but they didn't seem like they would be particularly useful in this build but again, I don't really understand pet slotting.


Thanks in Advance.



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I'm not able to open the build bc my Mids is outdated so I am commenting generically.


IMO while Electric Control is probably the best primary for Electric Assault, Electric Control probably pairs better with something other than Electric Assault. Electric Assault has -Endurance in its attacks, but is otherwise a fairly generic set. I would like the developers to revisit this set at some point.


On the other hand IMO a truly great (read: terrifying) sapper with a similar feel is Elec/Energy/Elec. That's because Power Up multiplies your Endurance Modification by about x2. This gives you several ticks of around -27% Endurance from with no cast time from Conductive Aura slotted with x2 end mod. Same level mobs (even Elite Bosses) are drained in 8 seconds even if you press nothing else. Of course you aren't pressing nothing else; you have the huge radius of Chain Fences you can hit too, for an additional -27%, and (if you went Mu) Power Sink to crash the endurance of anything adjacent to you. If you're looking for a build that can make the other players on the ITF go "why do all the Cyclopses and boss ambushes on this task force have no endurance?" this is it.


There are a few other sets with similar power boost effects:

  • Dark - Adds a self heal with Drain Life and -ToHit which can help you survive. DoTs can screw with Static Field
  • Icy - A very generic set except for its damage aura. Weirdly enough, this damage aura suppress against Sleeping enemies so works well with Static Field.
  • Earth - Not sure how well the damage aura plays with Static Field.


There is also Psi Assault. I have a veteran level 100 Elec/Psi Dominator. I consider him my "main." The main draw here is overlap between Drain Psyche, Conductive Aura, and Power Sink. The heal in Drain Psyche really helps you survive with Electric's relatively low hard controls, but it does take longer to drain stuff versus one of the sets above.



RE: the APP, every build is different, but IMO Electric Control characters are more often than not best served by the Mu APP.

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