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loving the PUG life


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Back on live I grew addicted to a channel called Brickhouse.  It was a couple dozen hardcore peeps who were always up to TF / Team / Weekly Cathedral of Pain Trials.  (Always succeeded Blue, sometimes not enough interest Red) Just good times.


On Homecoming I run on Excelsior and just PUG.  Today i logged on (just mentally beat down after three hard days at work)  I had checked the boards and deciced to just chill and make a new alt.  A Rad/Rad Brute I saw Hyperstrike put up a build on.  I ran over to AE.  Stood around.  Made coffee.  Read online news (just bad...wtf 2020?) And was thinking I should alt and badge on my main, or riun a DFB.  No energy.  Someone randomly invited me to a team.  A very hot farm.  No tells, no asking, just invite.  34 levels later after 1 run...  I was just finishing at Ms Liberty.  


LFG "Master of UG Trial forming Pocket D"


I needed that badge!  I alted to my main badger.  1 run, got badge.  


That is the kind of community Excelsior is.  Friendly too.  I see people handing money to new people and offering advice in Help all the time.


I may be a villain at heart.  But I know a good group of people to hang around.


Happy Holidays all you Villains!  and, err.  Heroes.  I guess.

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12 minutes ago, Ukase said:

Gee, a Master of Underground in one run! Must have been a Humdinger of a time!

well, i had run UG once or twice before.  One a Master attempt. So i prob had some badges.  Definitely already had the kill last boss during certain time frame.  But i think we nailed that as well.  It was a solid stick together league that were mostly on Discord.  Not me.  I am too Snarky for Discord lol

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