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Mids' Reborn: Database Bug Reports

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The tier 7 power for Psionic Melee is Boggle.  The power set is available to tanks, scrappers, brutes, and stalkers.  The Mids database documents Boggle as having a duration of 2 seconds for its confuse (and likely, boggle -- a sustained Insight) effect.  My tank, though, just picked up Boggle.  The duration is actually 15 seconds unslotted.  I don't know what it is for the other archetypes, but I expect that a 2-second effect is too low for all of them.


Note that the power offers a Mag 3 confuse, which is not enough for bosses.  However, the boggle/insight effect (increased damage) does affect bosses.  What I don't know is whether a confuse enhancement increases both confuse and boggle durations.  Probably not, but I can hope.

-- Rock

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