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4K resolution and UI


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Just after a bit of advice from anyone with experience of using a 4K screen.  I've just switched to 4K and set the resolution in game, but my UI goes miniscule when set to auto-detect.  I've adjusted it manually to make the power bars and chat box a more normal size, but this also causes lots of other things in game to get blown up (like targeting boxes and chat boxes with NPCs).  Does anyone know if I can adjust the size of just the power bars and chat bow without adjusting everything else?  Or if anyone has any other solutions or tips?


Thanks very much!

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This is what you want to read.




Then, after getting things just right, goto Menu > Options > Options window > Windows tab > scroll to the bottom > click the save buttons for Chat, Windows, and Options (note that the buttons for Options are the other way around).


That way, when you make a new toon/swap to an unconfig'ed toon, you can load the 3 config files to get that UI just right as well.

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I am running at 4K at well, and have only adjusted the UI scaling to 150%


This works for most things, a few things are buggy and don't render properly, like the permissions UI on storage in supergroup bases.


Some things will not scale, as they are loaded on a fixed pixel size from the data fles.

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That's a very nice guide.

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There are some quicker ways to save and load UI settings — worth throwing in here.

  1. When you get chat, UI layout and options the way you like them on one alt, use /chatsave, /wdwsave and /optionsave to write them to common files.
  2. When you need to fix any changes or bugs in each, use /chatload, /wdwload and /optionload to restore your settings.
  3. These common files are also great to move settings around between alts, so that you can maintain a consistent setup. Save one from optimized alt, load to any/all others.

Phase 2 is to create custom versions for each alt, mainly the UI setup. (I haven't found custom chat or options useful; one set works for all my alts.)

  1. Create a bind or macro that saves your window settings: /macro WinSave wdwsavefile ./MYALTNAME-windows.txt
  2. Create a bind or macro that loads those settings: /macro WinLoad wdwloadfile .MYALTNAME-windows.txt.
  3. (I use Alt-F5 for save and Alt-F6 for load in my bind scheme.)

Once you have a generally optimized window setup with the first process, save it as each alt's (using, of course, an individual name for each). Every time you tweak the setup and like it, use the save function to store it. When the windows get messed up in any way, the load function will restore it. Makes that endless fine-tuning and resizing a... well, maybe not a pleasure, but at least not a boring chore.


(And, just to make it easy, use the menu slider to set window scaling for your status bar, then /windowscale to change all the other windows to scales you like, and start the saving process. The status/health bar, the menu scaler, and the generic size of all other windows are linked. If you /windowscale status, it will change the menu setting, so that's where to start.)


I probably tweak some little thing on a UI in every session, and it's nice to have a way to either undo it or save it for easy recall. Voilá.


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