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Stalker staff AS animation issue

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The thrust component of the staff Assassin's Strike fails to render in most cases.  The windup works fine, but the actual "thrust" animation is replaced by the weapon redraw.  The power still hits, and in fact the "motion blur whoosh" effect plays, but the thrust itself does not.  Note that this behavior is not consistent; occasionally the entire sequence fires with no problem, but more often one gets the borked animation.  The thrust seems to play fine when AS is used as a normal attack power, and seems to properly animate as an AS thereafter, until you zone.  Then it's back to the broken animation.  Curiously enough, the broken animation also plays in the character edit screen.



I think I figured it out.  If you are within striking distance of a target, and have your weapon stowed, then the attack goes straight into the windup, with no redraw.  When the attack fires, then the redraw occurs, with all the appearance of a fubar animation.  If you trigger an AS with your weapon out, the animation functions properly.  This appears to be a timing issue of some sort, I don't know as of yet if it's serverside or clientside.

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