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Costume Contest: Post Apocalypse - Paragon Patrol

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Heroes, Villains and Praetorians


The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion.


When ? 17th January 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC)


Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue)






We picked: Post Apocalyptic !
We feel like thats a good theme to kickstart 2021, so grab some scrap and weld together your own post apocalypse outfit.


Placements and Prizes


We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants!


First place gets 100 million influence.

Second place gets 80 million influence.

Third place gets 60 million influence.

Fourth place gets 40 million influence.

Fifth place gets 20 million influence.



We would be happy to see you guys there !

Take care and be good to yourselves.

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