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Thematically - what villains should be with each Heroes TF and what heroes should get a TF or story arc that don't have one?

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23 minutes ago, Hew said:
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Malaise was killed. Permadeath.




Recommend you run the who will die signature story arc, in addition to pandora's box ssa.

Oh snap, I gotta check myself before I go off and talk about lore, it seems. Thanks for the correction, lol.

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2 minutes ago, Drakwatch said:

Oh snap, I gotta check myself before I go off and talk about lore, it seems. Thanks for the correction, lol.

On the bright side, you will find they are a SUPER EASY route to 20 merits once a week......... (at least who will die mishs are). And the maps at the end of it are amazing. The "super boss" at the end of pandora's box is ALSO super awesome.

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I decided to make an attempt at updating the Synapse TF, inspired in part by comments made in this thread.

If anyone wants to try it out and comment, here's a thread for it: 


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My 2 Inf


Positron: I don't mind the Circle of Thorns connection (because as a villain group they scale to level 50+, plus the whole Incarnate thing)... It's the Vahzilok connection that bothers me. I don't have a good (or coherent) opinion on what type of hero Positron is. Early in the game he was more-or-less the 'tech' guy but then he became the 'incarnate' guy. To stick with the tech theme, I would say Sky Raiders or Freakshow (because the early lore had Positron 'stuck' inside his suit, maybe the Freaks leverage some of that tech for themselves?) Maybe Dr. Aeon could make an appearance?


Synapse: The Clockwork arc of this TF needs a bigger connection to Blue Steel. Normally I'd associate Synapse with a Crey-themed TF. He could be asking you to handle it because of PTSD!


Penny Yin: If Malaise wasn't such a poseur, he could be her big bad. The problem with Malaise is that aside from "Who Will Die", I think I've only come across him working with the Rikti? Or was that his Praetorian version? Anyway... maybe Malaise and the Lost? If we think about redside NPCs... maybe Kalinda is 'probing' around and Penny is interested?


Citadel: The Council and their Robots seems fine to me. The only thing that bugs me about this arc is that I've never learned from where the AI for their MekMen and Valkyries actually derives (as opposed to the reveal of the Malta Titans' OS).


Manticore: Why is his TF not involved with the 5th Column (per his backstory) or the friggin' mass Prisoner breakout of the Zig? He's so far from the Zig and Crey's Folly you would think he was afraid of getting beaten down.


Numina: I like the historical 'City Review' of her TF, but like many others... it sort of comes out of nowhere given her lore. I would have expected somebody like Lilitu and/or Archmage Tarixus to be leveraged. The former could want her 'son' back, and the latter isn't in too much of a radically different situation than Numina herself. If they already didn't consume too much Incarnate content, I'd suggest the Banished Pantheon.

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