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The Usefulness of Rain of Fire


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I have a Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster, and took Rain of Fire -- it looks really good "on paper". But then, like everyone else, I began to "enjoy" the scatter effect caused by the inherent fear in the power (yay). I do have a chance for knockdown proc in the power, but everything I have since read -- some of which I have experienced -- has made that less optimal than I would have considered. This brings me to you folks, Blaster Experts: Is there a way to retain Rain of Fire's AoE goodness, using just enhancements? If so, can you please offer me some suggestions?


FYI, this is a level 50 build, so I am not concerned with exemplaring the character. I specifically want to keep Rain of Fire for it's AoE capabilities, having taken ALL the AoE damage powers in the Fire Primary (I'm Fire/Atomic/Fire).



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Consider using a KB>KD enhancement in Bonfire and open with that.  When Bonfire is busy knocking everyone over, drop the rains on them.  You can also run Hot Feet and stand in the group while it's raining to slow them down and force them to take longer while trying to flee.


Also if you're ok with dropping Fire Mastery, i'm pretty sure all of the Patron Pools have an AoE immobilize you can use to lock everyone in place while it rains.

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I see it as mitigation that does damage. Screwing with mob AI via slows/fear is a powerful way to keep yourself alive. Slotting it with slow helps, also try the winter immob proc.



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As mentioned above, anything you can do to keep mobs in it is awesome.


On my Fire/Atomic, I use the PBAOE hold in Atomic, then I cast Rain of Fire, then I use Atom Smasher slotted to cause KD (with the proc IO in Avalance / Superior Avalanche).


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

Typically my rotation is run in, let the mobs group on me, then Fireball -> PBAOE hold (Radioactive Cloud) -> Rain -> Atom Smasher. 


Rain of Fire is also awesome for use during BAF prisoner escape phase (cast it constantly in the middle that the prisoners run through) and TFs like Synapse where you have a ton of kill-alls with mobs that resurrect (like Gears) or TF like Yin with resurrecting Freakshow. 


/Elec secondary makes it even easier with KDs in Force of Thunder and Thunderstrike.



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fire/dev - caltrops

fire/ice - frigid protection

fire/tactical - glue arrow and later oil slick more dots dots dots dots omg dots BURN EVERYTHING

fire/martial - reaction time

In a team, the rain scatter is not as noticeable as tanks/brutes bring some punchvoke and others can slow down for you.  but as a fire/fire blaster you still have fireball, breath and sword circle to do lots of the defeating


And if you want to just be about rains, consider corruptors

fire/TA - glue arrow and oil slick again.  oil slick does not scourge

fire/dark - dark pit -res and slow

fire/storm - all my fire/storm does is freezing rain, steamy mist and tornado/lightning storm with KB to KD.  much dot, much scourge, pure fun from posi to max level

fire/time - slow patch early on and tons of other stuff later

fire/traps - caltrops again, also acid mortar and other stuff

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I ditched rain of fire because it didn't do enough damage, scattered adds, and the only useful place I found for it was in AE farms.  I switched to bonfire (kd->kb proc) + hot feet + burn combo which feels far more controlled. 

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I love rains but when teaming and without a tank/brute with taunt against an AVs (especially ones with fly) I don't use them unless i see a controller/dominator that has immobilize.


Rain of fire has it the hardest imo, because it has no other way to prevent scatter. Ice blast has frost breath to help further slow them and kd in blizzard; water blast has kd and slows in burst and geyser. 


If I don't have a tight build I use kb-kd/chance for immobilize procs in my rains but even then the rate of them going off is not that high. 

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