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Wrong sound/animation for SS+Shield+Hovering taunting.


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The title is the perfect summary, with that combination of powers active you are supposed to get slightly different animations (due to the shield defence) but not this taunt one I'll explain to you: My tank (Shield defence/Super Strength) in particular makes the correct sound (normal one) when taunting from the ground, while it makes the GROWL sound and animation (the same of Savage Melee, which make you sound like a beast) when taunting while hovering.


I think this is easily resolvable swapping the animation and sound to the usual one of all other sets (but savage melee, which of course should GROWL like an animal). My shielded hero is supposed to taunt the enemies not growl at them while making a "cat move" with the arm.


All my other Super Strength toons don't seem to suffer from this, only the one which got the shield as defensive set. I think the animation may be wrong also while being on the ground (the cat move), while the sound is surely correct when I'm not hovering and surely wrong when in hover/fly mode (and it's the main issue, since all tanks of course keep taunting the whole time in teams, so my character keeps "growling" like a lion each 10-15 seconds)


If you think about the shield defence set, the majority of peoples will create some sort of paladins with it (and Cap America clones of course, which is the only important superhero with the shield ever known), the growling sound each 10 seconds of taunt recharge is very roleplay-breaking or even immersion-breaking.


NOTE: it is possible the animation got switched on purpose for the shield's presence (the normal taunt may use 2 hands and savage one 1 hand only), but in any case I suggest to remove the true issue, which is the "GROOWL!" sound, and change it with normal "human" one ("WOO!"), since the shield set has no reason to be treated as a "beast-like-set" the whole time.


I hope you can do something about it, I'd like to use this kind of set.

Thank you,


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I want to add to this that I am having a similar issue with my female Shield/Stone Tanker.  While my shield is down, hands empty, she plays the standard Taunt sound that we're all familiar with.  However, when I have the shield up she lets out this grating Amazonian scream (It even has a faint tribal drum beat).  Kind of breaks my image of a high-society sorceress.


While it has been 7 years, and I didn't play her original incarnation much, I don't recall this happening when I played the same power sets way back in the day.  I think that something about the animation change to "shield mode" that switches every set to be one-handed is also effecting the sound effects, and I believe this is in error.  Might be worth looking into how the sounds/animations are linked up.


I haven't tried this while hovering/flying, which is another animation changer, I'll give it a shot when I get home later and report the results.


It's not a huge bug, but it's really an annoying one that I hope gets some attention.  That scream is really driving me nuts.

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Please notice this bug isn't fixed yet, I just tried to create a new flying shielded character (after months) and it's still impossible to play one cause it keeps "growling" at opponents. There are far too many bugs that happen while "hovering" that weren't present in the original CoH that hurt all toons made with fly as a travel power. These bugs are either visual or sound based which means the player cannot ignore them when playing. The players can temporary ignore some slight unbalance (maybe correct it with an enhancement) but there is no workaround for us about visuals/sounds, which affect us immediately and make toons unplayable.

I just reported another bug concerning Hover a few days ago (while this one was reported months ago), please check both, you could solve them with copy/paste solutions probably from other powers or the same powers in standing still status which work as intended:


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This bug forces me to use only Psionic Melee in combo with Shield, cause the taunt keeps growling with all the other sets that I tested (I didn't test the weapon-sets but the rest are affected by the growling sound and animation which don't make sense).

It still occurs.

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