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Frigid Shield [Sentinel Ice Armor] Bug + Tuning


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There are three issues with this power right now. Two are probably bugs (#1 and #3), and the second is tuning depending on the fix to #3.


  1. This defensive currently drops when you are mez'd in PvP. Minor fix.
  2. If one of the devs could also review the numbers on this ability. It seems very low for being a toggle & currently it is 5% of max hp. 5% is less than most +hp passives. Even frost protection, in the same set gives +10% hp as a passive. For comparison look at Ice Armor vs Regen. Ice Armor's tooltip doesn't show even show the absorb amount so Ive had to calculate in game (5%) absorb and not any more over time. 
  3. The tooltip description implies the absorb builds over time but it doesnt.






This just adds to the poor ranking of ice armor.




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