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PvP Newbie!


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Hi all!


New PvP player here. I’m hoping to build a blaster and wanted some insight on solid builds/power set combos!


I had my eyes set on either Ice/ or Dark/ as the primary, mixed with either /Energy or /Electric for the secondary.


I’m open to options though! I hear some things like DP/TA can be spicy proc monsters =P


I also have a lv 50 EM/EA Stalker. Is that a build worth investing in for PvP?


Thanks in advanced all!



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Yep, EM/ and /EA stalkers are pretty popular for playing in RV.


Ice is a really good all-round blaster set. Dark is pretty decent too, especially in 1v1s.

/nrg's ok as a secondary. Most popular secondary for ice/ and dark/ would be /plant, good damage with toxins and proc'ing out strangler, sonic manip is a pretty good pairing for those too.

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