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How to Inform Calvin Scott?

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I keep getting notifications that if I'm with the Resistance, I should inform Calvin Scott of the latest. How do I do this? There's no option when I call him (unless I keep missing it) and I can't get to him physically (Underground Neutropolis).

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As far as I'm aware, undercover objectives are only available for your starting alignment (picked either in the tutorial or at character creation) rather than your current alignment. So if you originally picked Resistance you can only do undercover objectives for Calvin Scott during Loyalist missions, and if you originally picked Loyalist you can only do undercover objectives for Provost Marchand during Resistance missions.


I'm assuming you were originally Loyalist, so Calvin Scott's undercover objectives won't be available to you. If you have picked Resistance at the start, when you see that message in a Loyalist mission briefing you should be able to call Calvin Scott via the contacts menu and he'll offer an additional objective in the mission. 

Check out the Unofficial Homecoming Wiki! Contributions welcome!

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