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Can't connect to DBserver

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I stopped playing a while ago because I started getting an error on login. "Can't connect to DBserver". I can login, accept the agreement, but when I select a server the client locks up for a while and returns that error. I originally thought this was an issue with with my old computer. It was on its way out and could barely run anything. Now I have a new gaming computer and just installed a new client and am still getting this error.


The issue isn't with my computer itself. My internet is just fine. My account is 100% finished. Is there something I'm missing here? I installed the game exactly where the installer suggested so its not the install path either. Any help would be nice.

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Since you can get to the login screen, try logging onto Reunion, create a toon there and try it out. There have been many who have had issues with the internet path that gets them to the US Servers in Canada, and it may be something between You and there. Reunion is in Germany so it uses a different path. Another thing is if you are on WiFi try a wired connection, CoH runs in real time so lost packets can be a killer. If you get on you can check for Latency using /Net_Graph 1, if you want a larger view use /Net_Graph 2, /Net_Graph 0 turns it off. Let us know what you find.

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Also it could be an Issue with the Firewall Settings of your Computer or even some Routers.

Try shut Down the Firewall for short time try if u can connect then if yes u need to add CoH to the Firewall exclusion, if problem persists the reason is somewhere else in that case turn firewall back on as fast u can.


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Seconding the firewall suggestion...  I don't know what you're using, but Norton loves to silently delete or block Homecoming files and connections.  (It deems them suspicious due to low usage among their userbase.)  I have to dig into it's logs to find and correct the problems.

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