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Is Level 50 your start, your end, or a foreign land?

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On 2/5/2021 at 12:18 PM, macskull said:

I feel the same way. PLing is so quick that if I decide I don't like the character after leveling and IOing it, it isn't a big deal and I haven't sunk that much time into playing it. There seems to be a mindset that you are somehow less able to play a character if you've PLd it instead of leveling it the "normal" way but if you're even somewhat competent at the game it's pretty easy to briefly read over power info and figure out how to play something. I'd argue I could jump onto a random character on a random player's account and the hardest part would be figuring out why they put powers in their tray the way they did and wondering why their keybinds are all weird.

This ^ 100%. Over the years I've had over 400 lvl 50's. It's interesting how people choose their powers, slot them, and organize their trays.


My old PvP team occasionally would log onto each other's toons and battle each other using their own toons against them. Once you figure out how they laid out their trays it's usually pretty easy to pick up any toon and run with it.

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I play some to 50 and stop without incarnate. 
I play some to 50 +3, t-4 in all slots. 
Some I play to 50 +3, t-4 in multiple options in slots. (more than 1 destiny, interface, etc.) 
Some haven't made it to 50, but this is usually because they aren't that much fun, not because of anything else. 


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I only have one level 50 character so far in Homecoming, and that one's on hold due to my severe altitis.


I prefer the leveling process, but I'll probably continue playing level 50 characters now and then to do story arcs they missed. I have no real interest in the incarnate system. I tried that in the old game, and it didn't appeal to me.

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On 2/12/2021 at 9:33 AM, Grouchybeast said:

My favourite thing to do in CoH is to duo.  I find duoing scales really well over all levels, and there are a lot of really fun combos where both characters get to shine.


I agree. Duo or Trio is best for me. Preferably characters under level 45 or so, and any random mix is a fun new dynamic. With more than 3 players it starts to get more monotonous for me.

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