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Sticks & Stones - Trick/Tactical Arrow Superteam starts Feb 12 8pm EST

Perfect Square

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What: Sticks & Stones (Trick/Tactical Arrow Superteam)
Where: Excelsior (first meeting in Mercy Island)
When: Fridays at 8pm Eastern US (first meeting on 12 Feb)
Who: The Justice Superteamers (the folks behind the Justice TA, Traps, Radiation, Blades, Earth, Gun, Darkness, Time, Water, Indomitable Sonic, and Excelsior Nature, Knockback, Electric, Thermal/Cold, and Dark Superteams)
Why: FUN, fortune, and glory!


The Justice Superteamers run many projects to leverage the power of stacked (de)buffs and explore common themes to accomplish things that a random group could not. Come join us on Excelsior for our It's Tricky Superteam where we'll leverage the power of the recently revamped Trick and Tractical Arrow power sets. Long time vets and new players are all invited as we focus on fun with other friendly players.


Power/Build Requirements:

  • Defenders with the Trick Arrow primary power set; Controllers, Corruptors, or Masterminds with the Trick Arrow secondary; or Blasters with the Tactical Arrow secondary
  • Required Powers(slotting) - Please take and slot these powers as early as your build allows:
    • Flash Arrow (2 -ToHit)
    • Poison Gas Arrow*
    • Acid Arrow*
    • Disruption Arrow*
    • Oil Slick Arrow (2 rech, 2 dam)
    • EMP Arrow (2 rech, 1 acc)*
    • *Blasters cannot access these powers; ESD Arrow is the tier 8 blaster power and is NOT the same as EMP and not required.
    • Assault by level 20
  • The following are suggested, but if you can't fit them all in, not required:
    • Glue Arrow
    • Maneuvers
    • Tactics
    • Aid Other
  • Other team-focused powers are great too: Vengeance, Victory Rush, Weaken Resolve, Spirit Ward, TP, and Medicine Pool are always useful.
  • You're welcome to make use of your other build if you'd like to maintain a solo, PVP, or non project compliant build.


Miscellaneous Details:

  • Our first meeting will take place Friday, Feb 12, 2021 at 8pm EST at Arbiter Richard in Mercy Island on Excelsior. Feel free to show up fresh from the tutorial (or even skip it).
  • We'll be coordinating the group through use of the "Justice Superteamers" global channel. Everyone participating on this team must join the channel. (/chan_join "Justice Superteamers"). We also have a Discord channel for out of game and voice communication.
  • We have an SG to join as well, but it is not required. I'm sure our top notch base builder will have a fun base with teleporters, trainers, vendors, and enhancement bins with Common IOs available while leveling.
  • We'll start in the Rogue Isles and run arcs, papers, and banks there, but will eventually make ourselves vigilantes/rogues so we can enjoy what Paragon and Praetoria have to offer.
  • We'll be focusing on PVE content (TFs, Contact Arcs, Tips, iTrials, the occasional newspaper/scanner, etc).
  • There is no limit on the number of people that can join us. This isn't going to be a fixed group of 8; the more, the merrier. Feel free to show up late, roll a 2nd alt, etc.
  • Super-Sidekick makes teaming incredibly easy. If you already have a character that fits the theme of this team, or won't be able to join us at the start of this team, don't worry; we'll accept you at any level, any time. Just note that if you're significantly beyond the rest of the team in terms of level, you should expect to exemplar down to the rest of the team most of the time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post here or send a /t or email to @Perfect Square, @Hedgefund, or @EF in-game.

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I made a TA/AR defender and an AR/TA corrupter recently and mostly dual boxed them and . . . damn!  Trick Arrow is a monster now, especially when there are two stacking the buff/debuffs and fire pits of doom.  I can only imagine what a team of 8 could do.

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Yes, it's been very powerful. We've been running for a while now, are Incarnated up, and steamrolling most +4 content. I don't know if it's as face melting as all Rad, Kin, or even our Cold/Thermal team, but it's very good. We've started discussing our next project so stay tuned for that, but we'll be TAing on Fridays for the next month or so I'd guess so stop by if you want!

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