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CR Mochi

Rogue Isle Invitational - Feb 20th, 2021

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Rogue Isle Invitational

5v5 Villain Archetype Pentad Tournament


When: February 20th 2021 @ 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST 

Where: Pocket D on Indomitable


Who: The following teams are officially invited to participate in this tournament:


Discord: https://discord.gg/B2agqnSssN


Hosts: For questions, please refer to @CR Mochi, Wombo, @xhiggy





The above teams are highly encouraged to register five players (with the optional addition of one substitute) prior to the tournament.

Non-official teams that register prior to the tournament and can field a team of five players (with the optional addition of one substitute) may also participate. Please discuss with your primary teams if you choose to register as a non-official team so as to not create a manpower shortage. 


What: This event will be a 5v5 round robin tournament. Each team will field five characters consisting of different Villain Archetypes. The following Archetypes will be allowed:


  • Stalker

  • Brute

  • Corrupter

  • Dominator

  • Mastermind

  • Widow 

  • Arachnos Soldier



  • Corrupters are not allowed to run the Force Field powerset

  • No dual cage combinations (ex. Sonic Corrupter / Force Field Mastermind)

  • Stalkers are not allowed to run Zapp from Mu Mastery

  • No taunt abilities (to include provoke from the presence pool)




  • The first place team will receive 5000 reward merits to split between the participating players in addition to exclusive team gold titles 

  • There will be eight raffles throughout the event consisting of a merit reward prizes

  • There will be additional raffles consisting of permanent NPC costume codes which you can pick from a selective list 

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@Majestrix (substitute)

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Please note: Map list is as follows (will be in random order)

Steel Canyon






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Hey everyone, the prizes for our Rogue Isle Invitational Event have been distributed! 


Congratulations to The Alouusers!! 7k merits have been split between your teammates. 


Another big congrats to Larry Lobster for winning our NPC costume raffle! 


Raffle winners of 300+ merits: Xhiggy, MJB, BANGBANGDOOF, Guess Who, Whoogiewatsit, JD, Madden1, Seductive-


How to claim your prizes: Open up the in game email tab - Character items - Reward Merits 

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