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S/L damage set relevance at higher levels

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Hello beautiful people,


I was looking at some of the more fun S/L powersets like Savage Melee, Dual Blades etc and I was wondering, since S/L is so universally resisted at higher levels, especially Lethal, are they worth it?  Especially since more exotic types have a fun gimmick tacked to them.  Ice slows, dark blinds, fire... well, burns.


An inf for your thoughts.

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18 minutes ago, Aeroprism said:

are they worth it?

Worth what?


They play fine, have fun, make some characters to fill your hundreds of available character slots. Or don't, that's cool too.  There aren't any powersets in the game that are unplayable-bad, there's just good powersets and really good powersets. If all you want is really good powersets, then you're only going to have like, three options, but do whatever's fun for you, if you like those three options more than anything else.

This bird poop is DARK!

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A valid reply. 


On the other hand, I do admit that I would be happier if, instead of having a mix of "good" and "really good" powersets, all of the powersets were just "good", as I'm a stickler for game balance.


Having said this, I freely acknowledge how difficult it is, in practice, to balance a game with many (and highly varied) powersets.

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S/L damage is roughly a 15% damage tax. Source: my butt.


It's not so bad if you like IOs, because many S/L heavy powersets get opportunities to slot Achilles' Heel -RES, or have other interesting effects. And ultimately, overall powerset design matters more than anything. Neither Fire Melee nor Ice Melee top the charts.

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