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1 hour ago, rookery. said:

Hey now! This family has been through a lot but we have never drawn knives on each other and we are not about to start!




Good Morning all!


/e leans up against the BFG9001 resting on the floor as she noshes a Strawberry Pop Tart.




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/e goes looking for her Madea dress and her spoon.


I think the explosives were the ACME brand Cartoon Only type right? So long as the knives are too. 🙂


ACME knives !  Guaranteed to break shatter or rust before they even break the skin!



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/e raises a beak from the FBBC. 


Bad weather last night, kept me up all night, sleepy...   /e throws over an IV drip line*


Just hook it into the Coffee Maker 50000 please.


Otherwise was a great weekend! *flumps* Did anyone do anything interesting?

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