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Good Morning Everlasting!


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/e flutters down from the rafters


Hey Puppeh! And Kitteh and Bunneh and Sackboy!


How you all doing today? I can unequivocally say I am ready for this weekend...


/e pours a double sized mug of coffee and spirits up a giant donut for herself before plopping into the purple FBBC.

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Hey Puppeh! and Kitteh and Hugbert and Bunneh!


/e rolls the every growing donut out the front door watching it begin rolling downhill, slowly at first, then a bit faster.


Whew. Least we have that thing out of here before It got too big to squeeze through the door. I would have hated to have to invent a shrinkinator ray gun...those things ALWAYS cause problems. Like always.


It is indeed Monday but at least I hope we all had a good weekend?


/e flumpfs down in an FBBC.

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