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Good Morning Everlasting!


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One might say the two things are related...high winds AND a bajilliontyseven high powered fans but as proper RP scientists you can't jump to conclusions...you have to DO SCIENCE!


/e proceeds to jump down off rafter and pulls out the SCIENCE DOING handbook.


More of a pamphlet really.


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Hrmmm. Measuring. Good good.


String tying and glomping. Excellent!


Super Soakers? Almost to the tee following the scientific rigor laid out in the SCIENCE DOING manual.


Oh yeah!


/e scribbles stuff on a note pad! "Got to records results by scribbling stuff on a clipboard. I drew a picture of me and Puppeh sleeping on my lap!"


The results are certainly going to be conclusive.

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/e cocks an eye open and sniffs the air.


Ooh coconut


/e flutters down to the ground from the rafters and heads towards the delicious smell of coconut


Wait a second! Someone has setup a cream pie minefield! This is clearly against some sort of convention, possibly the Comic Con Convention of 1983.


/e tiptoes past all the cream pies and turning back laughs at them




/e turns around and face plants right into one of them hanging in mid air


Why was this one hovering?

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  • rookery. changed the title to Good Morning Everlasting!

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