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Manual Exemp Setting to Any Desired Level


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Maybe this exists and I just don't know where it is. But, what would be REALLY NICE is setting that would allow you exemplar down to what ever level you want to play at.  One of the downers about getting to 50, is you can't play lower level content easily anymore. I mean you can try to find a lower level team to exemp you down, and you can play flashbacks. But, finding a lower level team isn't real convenient, and flashbacks force you to enter Task Force mode which restricts people from coming/going on your team. It would be really nice to just have a setting that would effectively auto exemplar you to your desired level with no other restrictions. So if I am a Level 50 but want to run Level 30 radios/mishes/teams.... whatever, I just select level 30, my powers get restricted/downgraded and I go. Wonder if this could be implemented via a 'phantom' team members at all levels, then just allow us to exemplar to the one at our desired level ... or something like that.

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