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Timewall bugged?

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any particular reason i cannot slot ranged damage sets in timewall i mean i looked through the blaster changes


  • timemanipulation_timewall.png.bf58413a9853e4b6d22a837efc41af3d.png Time Wall
    • Now inflicts scale 1 energy damage to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers
    • Now accepts Damage enhancements and sets
    • Range increased from 50ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers


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It's an oversight. Ping one of the devs and let them know of the bug

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4 hours ago, SuperPlyx said:

It was posted in the bugs forum for some time now, hopefully they patch it soon

well thats annoying no real 3.75 def substitute guess i can allways make another fire blaster just saw a DP/time that looked real good but since this was in there i suppose it worked at some point then got broken in some patch

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