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How many alts do you have?

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Hi, I'm Gary, and I'm an altoholic (altaholic?).  I have 263 alts at the present time, after deleting around 50.  Every one has a bio because I don't enjoy playing the game unless I know who I'm playing.  My average level where I stop playing an alt is around 17 (yes, I track all my alts on a spreadsheet with graphs, what a nerd).  A small part of the spreadsheet is shown below.  Its actually handy for deciding an unused power combination for a new toon.  Usually I choose who to play to suit whatever mood I'm in at the time and take them on up.  I only have 8 50's, and only 30 or 40 that make it into the 30's.  The number of 50's will go up somewhat because I've decided to have at least one 50 from each AT and I have 4 ATs to go.   I'm not asking for a cure, I love the game and the way I play it suits me.  I like to solo or do two or three person team ups.  Big run and gun groups aren't fun for me.  I'm just wondering how many other people out there spend as much time working on new toons as I do?  Thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for sharing.



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Graphs, neat!  I don't have alts, I have a lot of 50 built out toons with winters, purples and ATOs as needed.  Some of the early ones I need to remake.  I find a combo, do a build or find one that looks very nice on the forum and get it to 50 in about 2.5 hours.  I have 76 level 50s now.  All accoladed as well with the 4 stat boosting accolades and demonic aura.  I went back and accoladed my toons after I had 65 or so and decided I'd dip my toes in it.  Took me a couple of months to get it done.  I do not recommend accolading after the fact but I'm happy now that it's done.


I'm thinking about taking one of my toons, attune him and run through all of the blue and redside arcs through Ouro.

TLDR; 0 alts, just a shitload of 50s.

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Doug Graves, interesting idea.  I never thought of holding a toon at a certain level by turning off XP.  I have a badge explorer alt that would be perfect for.  That way he could collect badges and infl farm at the same time.  Thanks.

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2 pages and thats too much for me. For some odd reason i get to the 40s and just lose interest. Alot of it is the too many buttons. Some of it is lack of interesting sf. Ice mistral being a boring slog like citadel.

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My first page is 10 50s who are fully i/o'd and incarnated.  I have roughly 50 various level alts abandoned on other pages.  I have a back page of 50s stripped of all enhancers.  so, less than 100 and only about 10-12 'playable' at any one time.  Though honestly I am usually just on my main and whatever alt project I am toying with in any given week.

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I have 11-50's, and 12- sub 50's. I have 3 farmers that are tanks, only one has Fire Armor. I have 3 that I consider main characters. A lvl 4 fully incarnate Tank(Rad Armor/WM), an almost fully incarnate Controller(Illusion/TA), and an almost fully incarnate MM(Bots/Elec). My highest Vet level character is my Main tank, with around 98 Vet levels.


My most populated server is Everlasting with 9, Indom and Torch bot have 5, Excelsior has 2, and Reunion has 2.


Most of my Sub 50s are on Torchbearer.


I only Farm for Influence, and not to power level through lower level content. There is always some new way to get there.

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I PL some of my lower toons, mostly defenders and controllers.  It's just painful without joining large teams to raise them faster than pouring molasses in January.  My farmer farms for infl for all my newbies.  I start them all off with 3.5 mill infl.  Controllers once they are at lvl 32 are fun to play but for me not before.  I have taken one defender back on live to 50 with no PL or double XP (ah, the good old days when we worked to 20 to get a cape and 14 to fly).  Today, I play for fun with no real uber toons.  My farmer is vet level 45 slotted but I don't bother with any of my other toons.

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I've never had a spreadsheet... I do have a thread, though, down in the Roleplayer's forum.


Currently, I have 60 characters in total... Most are on Everlasting. A few are on Excelsior.

58 are on my main account. My two farmers are alone on my secondary account.  

All but one (My rakshasa Illusion Controller; the most recent creation-) are finished and incarnated 50s.


I tend to solo or run duo/trio/small-team on all but my support types.

Those guys and gals spend their lives on mid-level PUG teams and TFs, since that's the part of the game where support is needed and useful.


I have "serial altitis"... Meaning I don't start a new character until I've finished the previous addition to the crew, so I rarely have more than one 'in progress' at any given time. It bugs the ever-living heck out of me to leave *anything* sitting around incomplete, and City toons are no exception. I do play with all of them, though, complete or on-the-way.




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My last count of my level 50 characters came out to 61 or 62 I think.


All have been fully IO’d with at least t3 incarnates at some point, though ~15 are currently in a gutted state.

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2 50s, fully built and incarnated.

7 I've started leveling, currently at 45, 38, 32, 25, 20, 15, 10.

20 who've done some introductory contact stuff and/or DFB

1 villain who's gotten to Port Oakes

2 Praetorians who've done the tutorial

1 Warshade who's gotten Atlas Tour Guide/Passport/LRTP and that's it.


I've almost recreated all my characters from Live (with some changed/traded powers, and all defenders rerolled as corruptors). Just missing an invuln/ss tank (don't want to deal with Rage as it is) and a fire/fire blaster (not sure why here, this was a fun character and had some of my favorite costumes).

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I have 3 1/2 going on 4 pages of level 50s on Torchbearer. and a page and a half of other characters ranging from 48 to 2 there also.   I tend to develop concepts and biographies in the going, and more than once have done a total rename and rewrite of a character after getting a better feel how they played.  I like having multiple characters that I can bring so I can bring whatever role works best for the content.  Except healer.  I don't do healer.


I have three more level 50s, all tankers, one each for Excelsior, Everlasting, and Indomitable. 


Only server I don't have a 50 on is Reunion. 


I have one alt account that I used to publish some older AE material on.  Highest level character there is 30 something, and there are maybe 3 characters on it. 


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18 level 50s, all but one of which is fully equipped with T3 or T4 incarnates, and 1 level 20 that's part of a weekly themed SG team. They're about evenly split between Excelsior and Torchbearer. Other than the SG team, I tend to level one character at a time until it hits 50. I haven't come up with a concept for the next one yet. I still play all the 50s, mostly on TFs and I-trials.

TORCHBEARER:  Uun - Martial Arts/Invulnerability Scrapper | Uunison - Gravity/Storm Controller | Uuncola - Ice/Temporal Blaster | Uundergrowth - Plant/Martial Dominator
                           Uunreal - Fire/Time Corruptor | Uunknown - Mind/Psionic Dominator | Uunflappable - War Mace/Willpower Brute | Uundead - Dark/Dark Tank

EXCELSIOR:        Uunderdog - Radiation/Radiation Scrapper | Uundertaker - Radiation/Dark Corruptor | Uunstable - Super Reflexes/Staff Fighting Tanker | Uunseen - Illusion/Poison Controller

Uunrest - Dark/Tactical Arrow Blaster | Uuncool - Cold/Beam Rifle Defender | Uunderground - Earth/Earth Dominator | Uunplugged - Stone/Electric Brute | Uunfair - Archery/Trick Arrow Corruptor

Uunflammable - Fire/Nature Controller | Uunfit - Water/Martial Blaster | Uunwrapped - Dark/Dark Dominator

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7 hours ago, Skywise said:

My average level where I stop playing an alt is around 17. . .


The number of 50's will go up somewhat because I've decided to have at least one 50 from each AT

Interesting.  I don't stop playing an alt until they hit 50.  Ever.  I had ONE character that I decided had a wrong powerset so I re-rolled at 20, then took him to 50.


I took every AT to 50 back on live.  I also took every tank armor set to 50 at least once.  I had a total of 37 level 50's and five characters on their way.


At the moment, I have 18 characters with 12 of them being level 50.


I used to hail from Infinity.  Mainly on Everlasting, now.

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*Looks at @Skywise's chart*


Your misaligned alignment column bugs me, as does the implication that you don't have any Praetorians. I mean, if you're only gonna play to about level 20, might as well play a 20-level storyarc!


Which begs a question: What content DO you play? I figure you gotta be sick of Mathew Hashby, Twinshot, and Rebecca Stockwell by now, as well as the generic-ass non-story contacts in City Hall, not to mention DFB. AE, I guess?


Anyway, i have like, 3 mains and about 15 alts. Rookie numbers, amirite? 😃

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No alts--just 95 mains, ranging from levels 2-32 (the 2s are only that level because I created them to team with my wife and daughter and we haven't run those particular teams yet).


I solo or duo/trio with my family.

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Sorry OP but I don't have a problem like you do with 'alt'oholism.


(looks around nervously)


Like nightroarer said, all of mine are mains too!


(checks online to see current total which changes often)


Yep, all 100 of them!  All mains!  Yep!


(already working on ideas for two more, perhaps three... hmmm...)


Okay.  I'll admit I might have an itsy bitsy problem with 'mains', but I have it under control plus it's not serious like 'alt'oholism can be! 


(begins sweating while thinking of ways to convert existing character spreadsheet data into awesome graphs!.. yes...  pretty graphs to help me monitor all of my mains!..  yes...  begins to rub hands together while looking away in deep thought...  my precious...  scurries away...)


But seriously, I really do consider quite a few of my characters to be mains.  Regardless of *my* classification of them my total current character count is 100.  I joked about it in another thread but I really did go make an elaborate spreadsheet to keep track of them.  And it really did pop into my head to make some graphs from that data once I saw the OP post in this thread (thanks Skywise!).  And like the OP I ain't asking for a cure either!  I'm loving it!  I have fully embraced my Homecoming City of Awesomeness 'main'oholism AND 'alt'oholism.


I have recently been thinking about halting new toon creation or maybe just slowing down for a bit as I've already made many of the AT/combo's and concepts I wanted to have in my 'stable'.  Then I saw DougGraves post (thanks!) and think that's a cool idea.  I'm now thinking of creating a 'series' of alts that are 'younger' versions of a couple of my favorite mains and making them look the same (or, perhaps not exactly the same but slightly less powerful/complete looking appearance-wise).  Name them similar, and stop from levelling at various points.  I'm thinking it might be interesting be able to drop down to a lower level version that really is that level as opposed to exemplaring my decked out 50 and compare the difference.


About 40 or so are level 50 or higher.  I P/L'ed a few of them.  Most are still 'baby' or 'young' 50's with no or few vet levels.  About 20 are 'complete' builds I/O-wise and are at various stages of incarnate from Alpha's only to a handful fully blown T4, a couple with 'extra' T4's.  These 'completes' are also at various vet levels from single digits to a few in the double digits and a couple in the triple digits.  The rest of my toons range from some still sitting at level 1 just waiting for me (and no no no they haven't been forgotten.  I will play each and every one of them at some point if we are that blessed I'm given the time.) all the way up through the upper 30's.  I found it interesting to notice that I have a trend to want to hit 50 once I get into the 40's so I tend to not park there.


On Live I had about ~15 toons both Hero and Villain.  Only ever got one Blaster and one MM to 50 and that's playing off and on from the very beginning until a couple years prior to sunset.  Had several in the 20's, 30's and 40's.  Never got to try out I/O's.  Mostly used D/O's levelling and S/O's and a few Hami's on my two mains.  Only ever did one respec and even though the mission was fun it was also a bit over the top hard to put together and do just to try something out (IMO).


No graph yet (darnit! shakes fist and shouts "You young whippersnappers quit givin' me idears n git off my lawn!!!) but my origin breakdown is:

Mutation ~46%

Magic ~23%

Natural ~7%

Science ~12%

Technology ~12%


Levels by AT basic summary:  Brute > Scrapper > Blaster > Tanker > the rest (I have all archetypes)


TL;DR - I currently have 100 total characters.  I am actually very invested in most of them.  EVERY single one of them is a full concept build from origin to powers to looks to name (and many with maximum length backstories that I am rather pleased with).  I have been thinking about slowing down or stopping new toon creation around where I currently am, maybe a few more.  Now that I have a 'stable' that I really like and enjoy I may add a couple more builds and now after reading what Doug does I just may add a few more to have 'younger' (level capped) versions of a couple of my favorites mains (and I may cap a few of the toons I haven't brought to 50 yet just for fun - it sounds intriguing to me.  Maybe even concept-wise turn a couple toons into apprentices or helpers... or oooooh, I might make alt apprentices on another account and level lock them and design them full blown concept-wise to pair up with other toons on my main account!  Holy Guacamole it's Taco Man and his apprentice, Burrito Boy!  lol 


And as always my apologies for typos and sentence butchering in advance. (I do however refuse to apologize for my silly sense of humor.  I was born with it.  It's genetic.  like a superhero mutation...)

Oh snap!  Another idea for another toon!


Eh, so much for TD;DR lol.  Gotta run.  Toons to roll... things to go... places to see... people to do...  oh no my lysdexia is upping act!  🤪 (j/k)   

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wanted to add that two of my 50's were built for and have been used for farming or pl'ing - not sure if anyone is interested in that stat
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Having just gone through and checked, 135. Two accounts, though there aren't many on the second, and mostly concentrated on one server.


Less than half of what I had on live.

Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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Minor portion of my spreadsheet, but yes, I track dayjob process, some accolades and badges.

Been working on something better for tracking though it's just in the design stage.

Just the one account.   The stalker & controller that are not 50 are doing other things.

The 50s are slowly being outfitted.  I tend to respec at 50, populate with generic 50 IOs and then let them work on their sets.

Only 31 done, 18 waiting on respec, and 15 waiting on IOs.


Blaster 11 11
Brute 8 8
Controller 6 5
Corruptor 4 4
Defender 1 1
Dominator 2 2
Mastermind 3 3
Peacebringer 0 0
Scrapper 5 5
Sentinel 12 12
Soldier 1 1
Stalker 2 1
Tanker 10 10
Warshade 0 0
Widow 1 1



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