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Night Ward 'fencing'

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War Walls are not widely used in Praetoria, although they can be found in some outdoor missions (such as on the Prevent Shadowhunter's Resurrection mission from Maria Jenkins). The borders between the Praetorian zones are invisible, and when a player character moves from one zone to the next, they will appear in the appropriate area on the edge of the next zone. The border around Praetoria as a whole, however, is protected by a Sonic Fence that is lethal to player characters


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The fencing Lorewise is to keep you in and Hamidon out. In First Ward it glitched and now it's just aimed at keeping you AND Hamidon in and away from the rest of Praetoria.


And Night Ward is First Ward crossed with the dead lands, mostly.

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There are also non-lore reasons, such as the lack of anything beyond the tree canopy. An interesting note to add - if you get under or behind the Sonic fence in any of the first three Praetorian zones, you can still move back and forth through them and remain behind them when you rezone. 

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