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Any EU players on US Servers? Opinion needed

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EU player on US servers. There is a slight latency difference, but it's essentially impossible to see outside of a controlled test where you hop on the EU server, attack a few things, then immediately jump on an US server and attack a few more things.


CoH is pretty lenient on latency due to its design. Anything under 300ms and you're golden.


If you want to check the numbers you get on either server, /netgraph 1 will give you some stats.

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From personal experience, I don't have any connection issues when I play on the US shards.

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At this moment u wont see much difference cause the EU Server uses the US Mapserver anyway, reason for it it hardware malfunction on the host, should be fixed by next maintenance.



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You will see people online at different times though, depending on your timezone.

Reunion(EU) is busiest during European evening hours.

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