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Global Friends List Re-Ordering

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So once again I log in and pull up my global friends list.  There are a few names on it, so I look to see who is...damn, it just re-ordered that list and I can't see all the names.  I manually sort by shard and it stays up for a few moments, then re-sorts itself differently.


My apologies if this has been brought up before  -- I did a search and looked at a couple of pages of results and did not recognize it.  This must happen to other people, right?  Is there a setting i can change to keep the global friends list from acting autonomously?  It's a minor annoyance but I wince every time.

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14 hours ago, Sailboat said:

This must happen to other people, right?

All the time. It's actually been this way even on live for as long as I can remember. There are also some other long standing global friends list bugs like remaining hidden to others even when you're not (/hideall followed by /unhideall tends to fix it).

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