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Suggestion: Wrist/Palm/Hand-based Animations for Beam Rifle

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1 hour ago, arcaneholocaust said:

Let’s not forget the finger gun amidst all this talk of alternative animations. 

Real Men (1987) with John Ritter & James Belushi 🙂

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4 hours ago, The Scandinavian said:

I saw ( can't remember what story arc ) an NPC  use the Beam rifle powers but as an eye beam Cyclops style, it would appear those animations are already in the game.....somewhere; it was rather cool.

I apologize if this sounds pedantic, but in my understanding of the terminology (at least from a non-professional point of view), what you're describing are the *power effects* where *animations* are the movements/poses the character's body makes during the attack. I only mention this to reduce potential confusion in the conversation.

So yes, you could, in theory, use a Beam Rifle power effect, for instance Cutting Beam, as an alternate for a different power... Energy Torrent comes to mind as they're both cones, though outside of taste and timing, there's no reason you couldn't also apply it to something like Broadsword's Slice or Force Field's Insulation Shield.

Where animation comes into play in this topic, is that even with an invisible rifle or a different power effect, if you don't change the animation to a different pose, it still looks like the character is pantomiming the firing of a rifle. Not necessarily a deal breaker, and again, much less of an issue for something like Dual Pistols, Claws, or Mace, but still suboptimal as a final outcome.

EDIT: Unless of course when you cay Cyclpos animations, you're referring to him lifting his hand to his visor to trigger the effect, in which case I apologize for being presumptuous as well.

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