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Clock on Clock violence

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I saw the oddest thing in Kings Row today. I had a mission there (one of Indigo's) which was pretty close to the Clockwork Paladin's stomping ground, so I popped around the corner to see whether he was in and wanted a chat. He wasn't, but I spotted a couple of people being held hostage by a group of Clockwork and stopped to help. Yes, they were all grey but I can't seem to not rescue people when I see them in trouble. It's why I take Flight so often, it's the only way I can cross a zone without getting into about sixteen pointless fights.


We all have our issues.


Anyway, this was my Pool Power Challenge character, so AoE is in short supply. While I was bopping the other four on the head, the Tesla Prince decided to bolt. I gave chase, dropped him to a sliver of health with Arcane Bolt and was just catching up to him when an electrical attack from above finished him off. I looked up, expecting to see a low level hero - but he'd been taken out by a Cannon Knight, lurking on an AC unit a couple of floors up.


It then jumped down to finish off the Gears that sprang from the wreckage of the Tesla Prince, which seemed quite happy to fight back.




Has anybody else seen something like this before? Is this normal? Have I just been playing this game for years and somehow not noticed? It's entirely possible, I'm very absent minded,

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Discussed in this thread:


It's an issue as you noted with certain spawns in Kings Row, specifically ones with the untargetable citizens lying on the ground that fade away after a short while. The clockwork in those spawns are I suspect "allied" with the fallen citizens, making the clockwork hostile to everything else including other clockwork that they encounter.

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